Health Club Customer Service & Member Retention

In efforts to provide you with actionable data to help you maintain members, IHRSA offers several member retention publications. Please see below for more on these publications and be sure to visit to choose from our entire inventory of informational and educational products.

Improve Health Club Member Loyalty

IHRSA conducts the survey in partnership with The Retention People (TRP), a major research firm that specializes in health club member retention and loyalty. IHRSA member clubs can participate in the IHRSA-TRP member loyalty survey at no cost (a $1,500 value).

“The Net Promoter Score® provides health club operators with a very powerful view of their business and their members’ loyalty,” said Jay Ablondi, IHRSA’s executive vice president of global products. “In partnership with TRP, IHRSA is pleased to offer this powerful tool to member clubs. From it, they can see not only how members feel about their club, but why they feel the way they do. This is critical to fostering bottom line growth, improving retention and reducing attrition.”  Learn more about the Net Promother Score® Survey. 

Member Retention Report Series

The IHRSA Member Retention Report is a report series designed to help club operators improve efforts around membership retention. The IHRSA Member Retention Report is compiled in partnership with The Retention People.

For more in-depth information, graphics, and guidance, read the IHRSA Member Retention Report. Non-members can purchase the report at the IHRSA Store. 

Customer Service & Marketing Best Practices

Best Practices feature answers from experts from both inside and outside the health club industry to thought-provoking questions on a wide range of topics.

Treat members as a guest for better retention.

What advice do you have for club owners who are losing members or having trouble growing their customer base?

Questionnaires among ways to get member feedback

How does your club solicit feedback from members about their club experience, and how is the feedback used?

Members feel comfortable when introduced to one another

How does your club help members get to know other members?

Getting feedback from members is imperative to improving

How does your club solicit feedback from members about any/all aspects of their club experience, and how is that feedback used?


One Million Strong: An In-Depth Study of Member Retention in North America

One Million Strong, sponsored by Life Fitness and written by Dr. Paul Bedford, provides a comprehensive analysis of more than one million member records in North America. The report reviews retention measures and examines member retention, attrition, duration, and sales trends by gender, age group, country (U.S. and Canada), and club type (chain and independent). Also included are analyses of the impact of retention on income and practical insights for club operators.


IHRSA's Guide to Membership Retention: Industry Lessons on What - and What Not - to Do

Authored by John McCarthy, IHRSA's former executive director, this publication assembles what the industry has learned about membership retention over the last 25 years and specifies a comprehensive list of tactical measures that can make a difference in decreasing membership attrition. Sponsored by Technogym, The Wellness Company, this valuable guide explains the impact of attrition on a club's bottom line, outlines the characteristics of high-retention clubs and includes case studies of clubs with above-average member retention rates. New in this edition: A thought-provoking introduction by John McCarthy, the latest industry statistics, and four real-life case studies of IHRSA clubs with successful retention programs.


IHRSA Employee Compensation & Benefits Report

The 2015 IHRSA Employee Compensation & Benefits Report, published in February 2015, is based on survey data provided by leading IHRSA member health clubs in the U.S. and Canada. The report provides compensation information for senior management/corporate staff, salaried club-level employees, and hourly club-level employees. Also available in 3 value-priced parts.



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