Health Club Member Experience is the New Customer Service

Why you should stop thinking about "customer service" and start thinking about "member experience."

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In today’s increasingly internet- and device-addicted world, the customer experience matters more than ever—especially when it comes to health clubs.

“Fitness is no longer simply about the physical—today, it's more about how we make people feel about themselves,” says Jarod Cogswell, founder of FIT Academy and Enterprise Athlete. “Our customer service systems must reflect our sincere support, quality care, and immense desire for a relationship with our members and clients.”

Cogswell shared his strategies to connect with members in his IHRSA webinar, “Old School Ways to Win the Battle.”

Member Experience Is the New Customer Service

“Customer service is no longer impactful enough to keep people coming back. It's a dead term,” Cogswell says. “Member experience encompasses customer service protocols, but it's so much more than that.”

Here are two of the five strategies to enhance member experiences that Cogswell expands on during his webinar:

  1. Learn members’ names. “The number one strategy is to simply know someone's name. It's so simple, but powerful. Using and remembering names is the foundation of the experience.”
  2. Dig into members’ “why.” “Why are they at your facility? Why do they want to lose weight, get stronger, more fit, etc.? Know their purpose and you will find their internal motivation to keep coming back.”

“Member experience encompasses customer service protocols, but it's so much more than that.”

Jarod Cogswell, Founder

FIT Academy and Enterprise Athlete

More Old School Ways to Win the Battle

In addition to member experience strategies, Cogswell’s webinar also helps attendees:

  • Review your brand identity, purpose, and story.
  • Learn how to create a dynamic culture.
  • Discover 10 no-cost retention tools.
  • Implement five strategies to enhance member experiences.

“Attendees will rediscover the basics to delivering the best member experiences to enhance or build their brand identity and values,” he says. “They will dig deeper into their unique points of difference and leverage their business strengths over their competitors. And they will find their own motivation to keep up the good fight to change lives.”

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