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IHRSA sets its 'Site' on Marseille, France, for the 2015 European Congress

Program arrangements are currently in development for the next European Congress, scheduled on October 19-22, 2015, marking our return to France since the Paris event was held in 2007. Details Coming Soon!

When it comes to business models, Mark Harrington, Sr., the patriarch of the Healthworks Group, seems to prefer “one of each.”

A new toolkit developed by IHRSA, offers important information on creating, promoting, and implementing health promotion programs in the club environment, focusing on the specific needs of a club's clientele.

Form and Function - Celáre® by Digilock® transforms locker rooms into exceptional modern contemporary spaces. Sleek and exquisite, Celáre lockers complement the design and furnishings of your facility.

Understanding and paying attention to feedback is fundamental to member retention. How do we connect with our clientele? How do we go that extra mile to maintain quality assurance? How? We listen! We set standards! And we reach out!



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