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IHRSA 2017 will feature over 100 education sessions taught by some of the most successful individuals in the health club industry. You'll come away with dozens of new ideas for taking your club to the next level. Learn more.

Johnny “Cupcakes” Earle, the proprietor of a retail business is an impassioned and irrepressible entrepreneur who’s convinced that feelings, memories, and magic are the keys to satisfied, repeat business. His presentation is sponsored by Matrix Fitness.

Social media can be a great tool that IHRSA clubs can use to grow their membership base, as well as retain loyal customers, by connecting with them and creating “buzz” around their programs and services.

The Club Business Exchange is your guide to essential products, services, professional resources and expert content for the health and fitness industry. Visit cbx.ihrsa.org to Explore, Connect & Succeed!

The Passport Program makes it easy for club members to visit participating health clubs when they are away from their home club. Find out more about this reciprocal travel program at ihrsa.org/passport.



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