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IHRSA sets its 'Site' on Marseille, France, for the 2015 European Congress

Program arrangements are currently in development for the next European Congress, scheduled on October 19-22, 2015, marking our return to France since the Paris event was held in 2007. Details Coming Soon!

Since 2009, author and journalist Adam Bryant has interviewed more than 350 of the nation’s leading CEOs for his “Corner Office” column in The New York Times. He'll share what he’s learned in “Quick and Nimble …” on March 13 during IHRSA 2015, sponsored by Matrix Fitness.

With a passion rooted in the creation of the user experience. S3 Design firmly believes that successful projects harness the spirit of the place or brand. Their design process develops unique solutions to each clients' needs. There is no universal solution.

It's coming! It's approaching! It's imminent! And everyone's talking about it! Club owners in Boston and Biloxi, GMs in Chicago and Chattanooga, personal trainers in Pittsburgh and Peoria—can you hear them? They’re all talking about it.


Connect with IHRSA


Connect with IHRSA