Deliver Next-generation Experiences at Your Fitness Business [WEBINAR]

Build your fitness business for the future by delivering next-generation experiences. Presented by ClubReady.

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Don Michael

Don Michael


Mayweather Boxing + Fitness

Chris Gallo

Chris Gallo

Vice President of Sales


Presented by Don Michael, President, Mayweather Boxing + Fitness and Chris Gallo, Vice President of Sales, ClubReady

If the popularity of fitness watches and wearable heart-rate monitors tells us anything, it’s that health club members want data. And providing them with data—in the right ways—can greatly enhance their results and experience at your club.

Mayweather Boxing + Fitness is living proof of how data, combined with a focus on the member experience, can pay off dividends. With the mission to enable members to train like the champ and deliver best-in-class fitness concepts and next-generation experiences, Mayweather has put in place a structure to manage club operations, member acquisition, and member engagement.

In this webinar, you’ll discover how Mayweather Boxing + Fitness’ success, alongside ClubReady, can be implemented in your club. Co-presenters Mayweather Boxing + Fitness President Don Michael and ClubReady Vice President of Sales Chris Gallo will reveal how clubs can strengthen the member experience with interactive performance data and power training and tracking. They will discuss how Mayweather offers franchisees exclusive back-office services, enabling them to keep their focus on their members. And they’ll explain how they are building their fitness business for the future.

Learning Objectives:

  • Strategies to scale for growth
  • Structure your organization for member acquisition
  • Deliver next-generation experiences
  • Drive member engagement within the club and beyond
  • Execute data driven decision-making

“Financial excellence in your club starts with a system that engages not only your prospects and clients, but also your staff.”

Chris Gallo, Vice President of Sales

ClubReady - Chesterfield, MO

Presenter Profiles:

Chris Gallo is the vice president of sales for ClubReady Inc. He is the co-founder and former CEO of O2 Fitness, which has evolved into a successful 30 club chain over the last 17 years. Gallo was part of the original foundation of Club Ready and joined the organization in its first year in 2007 while owning and operating HealthClub Development Company, a small consulting and fitness member research-based business. Gallo’s master’s degree thesis at UNC Chapel Hill was based on exercise psychology and adherence. This propelled him to years of speaking engagements at IHRSA events and webinars as well as authoring cover stories on member satisfaction, fitness sales psychology, and exercise adherence psychology in both CBI and other industry magazines.

Don Michael is the president of franchise development and operations at Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. With 20 years in the fitness industry, he has established a reputation for unprecedented standards of service, sales, and performance across the industry. Michael has successfully transformed existing and underperforming clubs into top producers by spearheading strategic analysis and planning. He is experienced in maximizing the customer experience, expanding sales channels, and creating new value-add programs and offerings with brands like UFC GYM, LA Boxing, 24 Hour Fitness, Tilton Fitness, and now Mayweather Boxing + Fitness. Michael specializes in increasing profitability and productivity to continually improve and streamline processes.