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How to Build Relationships with Members in the First 90 Days [WEBINAR]

The first 90 days are the most critical time in the membership journey. Learn strategies to set your members up for success. Sponsored by Club Automation + CSI Spectrum.

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Gorsline lisa

Lisa Gorsline

President/General Manager

Corpus Christi Athletic Club

This is an encore presentation of the July 11, 2019, webinar.

Presented by Lisa Gorsline, President/General Manager, Corpus Christi Athletic Club

A member’s first 90 days with your health club are the most critical in their customer journey and member experience. These initial three months are when your club staff needs to get members onboarded and set them up with everything they need to become frequent users.

Why does this matter? IHRSA research has shown that frequent attendance for your club members correlates with longer membership tenure. According to the IHRSA Health Consumer Report, 80% of core members—those who use the club for at least 100 days per year—belong to a health club for at least two years.

In this webinar, Lisa Gorsline will share her experiences building up the member experience at Corpus Christi Athletic Club. She’ll discuss the role of staff in onboarding, a coach program that walks new members through a 90-day journey, as well as a unique and successful incentive program. Attendees will leave with ideas that will keep your members coming back regularly and engaged for years to come!

Learning Objectives:

  • Discover how to hire the right employees to build relationships with members
  • Find out how to make your environment fun and inviting for all members
  • Learn programming ideas that will help your employees build member relationships
  • Get ideas on how to build a fun culture for your members

“As an industry, we do a phenomenal job of selling new members, but we can improve upon keeping our members longer. Too much emphasis is put on bringing in new members, and not enough on keeping our current members. Join me on this webinar to build up your on-boarding and relationship-building strategy.”

Lisa Gorsline, President/General Manager

Corpus Christi Athletic Club – Corpus Christi, TX

Presenter Profile:

Lisa Gorsline is the president and general manager of the Corpus Christi Athletic Club, which is over 110,000-square-foot facility. She has been in the health and fitness industry for over 25 years. Gorsline has carried many different roles including Group Exercise Instructor, Sales Representative, Marketing Director, and now President.