CBI March 2020

Having made Fitness Park One of France’s best known club brands, Philippe Herbette, the CEO of the Fitness Park Group, is preparing to take on the world.

“For the very first time, we’ve decided to accelerate our international development by making use of the master franchise model. We’ll be selling master franchises in countries outside of France.”

Philippe Herbette, CEO

Fitness Park Group - France


  • Ready to Compete: Introduced to a gym at the age of 14, Philippe Herbette has never looked back. He’s opened and operated a series of clubs—Planéte Forme, Gymspa, and Fitness Park—and, today, presides as the CEO and principal owner of the Fitness Park Group, a three-brand fitness franchise.
  • 2020’s Rising Stars: IHRSA recognizes 20 of the industry’s most accomplished young professionals.
  • Cedardale Resurrected: Three years after it was ravaged by fire, this landmark club has been reborn.
  • IHRSA’s Global Impact: In 2019, IHRSA events informed the industry in Japan, Brazil, Ireland, and China.
  • The BASH Rocks On: The Augie’s Quest fundraiser, the industry’s best global party, is about to begin.
  • IHRSA 2020: Your complete guide to all of the exciting and instructive events at IHRSA 2020.

News & Know How

  • News: Election Eve at IHRSA 2020; IHRSA aligns with NEYS; TSI buys Flywheel Sports; ClassPass and Gympass grow; top fitness trends; WeWork does wellness; inactivity and obesity rise; and more.
  • European News: IHRSA aligns with ANIF–Eurowellness; PureGym acquires Denmark’s largest chain; and a Spanish brand debuts on the French Riviera.
  • First Person: Ryon Packer of ABC Financial Services explicates Revenue Cycle Management (RCM).
  • On the Move: Private equity likes fitness; VASA Fitness doubles-down; 24 Hour Fitness scores in Florida; Midtown’s new prez; a family affair; and more.

IHRSA Report

  • The Big 40: IHRSA is now ramping up for its 40th anniversary, reports IHRSA Chairperson Jason Reinhardt in this month’s First Rep.
  • Best Practices: IHRSA Senior Editor Jim Schmaltz explains how to boost participation in group programs.
  • The Holy Grail: An alliance of medical and fitness providers would represent the Holy Grail of cancer care, reports IHRSA’s Advocacy Content Manager Kaitlynn Anderson Fernandez in this month’s Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • Value Propositions: ClubReady: This club management software company is using new talent, technology, and strategic partnerships to create the ideal customer experience.
  • Value Propositions: SportsArt: This company’s line of energy-generating cardiovascular equipment serves the needs of clubs, members, communities, and the global climate.
  • A Global Initiative: Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA, introduces the 230 Million by 2030 game plan in this month’s Last Rep.