The Next Fitness Consumer: 10 Key Findings

Commissioned by the IHRSA Foundation and ABC Fitness Solutions, the Next Fitness Consumer Report examines the behaviors, values, and motivators behind exercise for active Americans. This product is a PDF download.

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The Next Fitness Consumer Report provides an in-depth analysis of the active fitness consumer post-COVID. A collaborative effort by the IHRSA Foundation and ABC Fitness Solutions, this report is based on a study conducted by ClubIntel.

Topics covered in The Next Fitness Consumer Report include:

  • Exercise motivations,

  • Fitness goals,

  • Activity regimen mix, including in-club, outdoor, and digital usage,

  • Expenditures on fitness participation,

  • Demographics of active consumers,

  • Snapshot of traditional gym consumers, and

  • More!

“This Next Fitness Consumer Report gave us timely insight about what the future of fitness holds for the industry. As consumers look for more choices to create their fitness journey, they want a variety in equipment, programming, and facilities. Four out of the five most relevant modalities are features in gyms and fitness clubs, making them well-positioned for growth across multiple segments and demographics.”

Bill Davis

CEO of ABC Fitness Solutions