Partnerships & Adaptation Push Fitness Industry Through 2021

After another roller coaster pandemic-filled year, the fitness industry has plenty of achievements to celebrate, innovations to share with the world, and more.

Can you believe another—COVID—year has passed by? I, personally, can’t wait to get back to a world more similar to where we were pre-pandemic. But, with all the bad and devastating stories we’re seeing, there’s just as much positivity spreading globally.

There’s a lot we can discuss about 2021, but we’re going to keep this uplifting. So, put your rose-colored glasses on and join me in reviewing some of 2021’s highlights for the fitness industry.

Fitness Industry Growth in 2021

Throughout 2021, there were many uncertainties. One crucial factor to push through the crises was unifying the fitness industry—establishing one powerful voice and forging partnerships. In 2021, the global fitness industry formed an alliance to support the growth and provide innovative solutions for the industry. Plus, meeting the needs of club operators in Mexico and China became possible with the addition of new IHRSA representatives and services.

FIR End of Year China Fit Column Width

IHRSA and ChinaFit announced a Strategic Membership Licensing Agreement to expand IHRSA knowledge and services in China.

FIR End of Year Review TRUE Column Width

TRUE Fitness revealed its new Stryker Slat treadmill.

FIR End of Year Review PF Column Width

Amanda Lee, General Manager of Planet Fitness, Olympia, WA, Alizabeth Ashton, 18-year-old antibullying scholarship winner, and James Pope, Regional Manager of Planet Fitness.

Per usual, even an ongoing pandemic couldn’t keep the fitness industry from helping their community. Myzone teamed up with the Women in Fitness Association (WIFA) for its Run the World campaign to empower women in the fitness industry and raise money for charity and Planet Fitness commits to expand accessible exercise equipment in its facilities.

More generous contributions from fitness facilities:

Fitness Industry Reach in 2021

To address the financial impact COVID-19 has had on the fitness industry, more than 150 members of Congress signed on to support the bipartisan GYMS Act in 2021. We can’t forget that governments worldwide are slowly understanding our industry’s importance. Moving forward, the industry will continue to foster collaborations with medical, science, and health professionals to collaborate and expand the critical role of exercise for overall health and well-being.

After the pandemic’s negative impact on mental health, fitness brands are utilizing this opportunity to prove how exercise can improve mental wellness and are focused on equipping fitness professionals with knowledge and resources. Hyperice and Core joined forces to offer a holistic approach to mental and physical wellness. And the 5th annual World Wellness Weekend focused more on mental health and immunity.

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