State Advocacy

Standing side-by-side with members in all 50 states.

IHRSA’s Government Relations team has its finger on the pulse of legislative and regulatory activity in all 50 states. We focus on supporting positive policies and crushing legislation that’s harmful to the industry.

Advocating for Health & Fitness in All 50 States

While Congress garners the headlines, your business is more often and more severely affected by state policies. To ensure the industry operates in a business-friendly climate, we work to protect you from unfair legal mandates, problematic legislation, stifling regulations, and short-sighted taxation.

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    Open and Vital

    IHRSA promotes that exercise and our industry are vital and works with states to ensure clubs remain open.

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    Consumer Protection

    IHRSA supports consumer protection policies that truly safeguard the public while fostering prosperity in the industry.

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    Sales Tax on Dues & Services

    State budget shortfalls lead to short-sighted taxes on health club dues and services, which can be bad for health and costly for clubs

    State Advocacy in Action

    Working with IHRSA members, National Health & Fitness Alliance-funded lobbyists, and state alliances, we analyze and monitor every piece of legislation that may affect clubs; alert operators to potential problems and opportunities; and take action when needed.

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    Need to Know by State

    For each state plus D.C., we provide stats about the fitness industry’s impact on the state, point out the laws on the books, detail and link to consumer protection requirements (contracts, AEDs, etc), and link to active grassroots campaigns.

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