October 26, 2021—The announcement was made earlier this month that VFPnext was chosen Franchising USA Magazine’s CRM of 2021. “It’s quite an honor,” said Daron Allen, CEO of VFPnext. “Our product development, customer support, and client success teams have been working so hard on this product. It’s great to see the recognition for all of their hard work.”

Franchising USA Magazine wrote in their October issue:

VFPnext’s Customizable CRM Solutions Perfect for Franchise Management

One Texas-based business technology company wants to whip franchises into shape with their comprehensive customer relations software.

"While the company primarily works with fitness franchises, virtually any type of franchise would benefit from its technology", VFPnext CEO Daron Allen said in a recent interview with Franchising USA.

Currently, the company is working with spas, childcare franchises, and even furniture retailers in addition to their core of fitness franchise customers.

“When we get connected to somebody who has a vision and they want to bring that vision -- through technology -- to life, we are the company to call,” Allen said.

“We are happy to award the CRM of the year to VFPnext for their industry standing, product reliability, and their happy customers,” said Vikki Bradbury of CGB Publishing.

About VFPnext

Based in Fort Worth, TX, VFPnext builds customer relationship management (CRM) software that also has automated marketing and sales built-in. The VFPnext system consists of a digital guest registry, a full CRM to manage the complete customer journey, a sales presentation that is conducted on an iPad, and a new customer orientation system designed to help increase ancillary sales.

Contact VFPnext at getvfpnext.com.

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