SAN DIEGO, CA—APRIL 2021—Inspire360 is proud to announce that it has officially crossed the enormous milestone of delivering over 25 million continuing education units (CEUs).

Credentialing bodies require professionals to maintain their skills and knowledge through continuing education. SaaS platform Inspire360 is the only Learning Management System built specifically for the fitness industry and is used by leading education companies to deliver education, track continuing education credits, and manage certification renewals. Having delivered more CEUs than any other software in the world, Inspire360 is proud to help clients provide fitness and wellness professional education in 219 countries.

Over 150 world-class education companies including TRX, Spinning, IDEA Health & Fitness Association, Gray Institute, Hyperice, BOSU, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning, TriggerPoint, Therabody, MELT Method, Myzone, and Power Systems, use Inspire360 to provide their industry-leading education to professionals.

In addition to its Learning Management System, Inspire360 also offers a Certification Management System, Membership Management System, and Live Workshop Management System. The all-in-one platform allows fitness companies to deliver branded online courses, certifications, workshops, and subscriptions to award CEUs when students complete the necessary coursework.

Fitness education, equipment, and certification companies all use Inspire360 to take their education to the next level. Because certifications are the lifeblood of the fitness industry, Inspire360 offers a full-service Certification Management System that automatically determines certification renewal eligibility based on CECs, renewal dates, grace periods, CPR, and more.

Jason Davis, CEO of Inspire360, said, "It’s been a tough year for the fitness industry, and I’m impressed that so many professionals have used this time to sharpen their skills and expand their credentials. I would like to thank all of Inspire360's clients and the fitness industry as a whole for their continued dedication to advancing the fitness industry through their offerings. We look forward to working with our clients to deliver 25 million more CEUs in the years to come!"

About Inspire360

Inspire360 is passionate about helping fitness and wellness brands effortlessly deliver education to their audience. Originally developed under IDEA Health & Fitness Association, the company has used its 35 years of experience in the space to design a Certification Management System, Learning Management System, and Live Workshop Management System that specifically caters to the fitness and wellness industry. The Inspire360 platform is used by some of the most respected names in fitness like TRX, BOSU, Gray Institute, Mike Boyle Strength & Conditioning, TriggerPoint, and many more. For more information, visit