CBI May/June 2020

CEO Jim Rowley has dealt with crises before and, now, given the coronavirus pandemic, is clearly the right man for these challenging times.

“Going forward, clubs will be cleaner, the habits of members will improve, and hopefully, we'll all recover ... and be kinder and more courteous to one another.”

Jim Rowley, CEO

Crunch Worldwide


  • Crunch Fitness Champion: Jim Rowley, the CEO of Crunch Worldwide, is a man familiar with daunting challenges, both corporate and military. When COVID-19 struck, his mission was clear: to do “what was right” to protect the brand’s more than 300 facilities, employees, and members.
  • IHRSA 2020 Redo: CBI mines the gems that five presenters had intended to share in San Diego.
  • Hackers: No Entrance: Active Wellness’ Mike Rucker defends the company’s data against intruders.
  • COVID-19 3.0: Club management software (CMS) suppliers are helping clubs contain the crisis.
  • Trade Show Redux: Six firms unveil the products they would have introduced at IHRSA 2020.
  • Connected: the New Normal: Technology is transforming group exercise and personal training faster than ever.

News & Know How

  • News: Coronavirus and health clubs; Newtown Athletic case study; “Movement by Michelob”; suppliers show solidarity; online happiness; COVID-19 recovery process; clubs reopen in Utah; In Memoriam, Ruth Stricker; high-tech serves seniors; and more.
  • European News: IHRSA and its partners act on coronavirus, virtual solutions brought to bear on pandemic; and European Industry deals with uncertainty.
  • First Person: Nicholas Hahn, ASF’s vice president of product, shares its “vision” of the future.
  • On the Move: Clubs “lend” equipment, go online; VASA’s aggressive agenda; Blink bullish on Jacksonville; GoodLife launches “Canadian Strong”; plus other club news.

IHRSA Report

  • Go M.A.D.: To W.I.N., do What’s Important Now, recommends IHRSA Chairperson Jason Reinhardt in this month’s First Rep.
  • Best Practices: Colin Grant, the CEO of the Pure International Group, on reassuring returning members.
  • Making Changes to Your Club? IHRSA’s Government Relations Coordinator Olivia MacLennan reports on four smart ways to proceed when embarking on a redesign or remodeling of your club in this month’s Grow, Promote, Protect.
  • Value Proposition: GymSales: A club operator who wanted, but couldn’t find, a sales-intense software system met a key industry need by creating a solution of his own.
  • Unprecedented: This too shall pass, advises Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA, of the current crisis in this month's last rep.