Reopening Strategy Lessons from HV/LP Health Clubs [WEBINAR]

Hear from a panel of high-volume, low-price (HV/LP) health club operators on the key steps to reopen your club. Sponsored by Zeamo.

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Caro rick

Rick Caro


Management Vision, Inc.

Magazine todd

Todd Magazine


Blink Fitness

Midgley ben

Ben Midgley


Crunch Franchise

Moderator: Rick Caro, President, Management Vision, Inc.

Panelists: Todd Magazine, CEO, Blink Fitness; Ben Midgley, CEO, Crunch Franchise

Many discussions are circulating around rebound strategies as the world strives to recover from the COVID-19 pandemic. Reopening safely and strategically is key.

In this session, experts will dive into lessons from the high-volume, low-price (HV/LP) club model. Learn about the issues these HVLP clubs face as they navigate new social distancing protocols, evaluate the low-staffing model, and encounter obstacles of the high-density environment along the way.

Join IHRSA past president and director Rick Caro and HV/LP executives as they discuss what lies ahead for their clubs. Club size, model, and location will greatly impact reopening methods. Learn what steps these clubs are taking to assure safety in their facilities.

Learning Objectives:

  • Learn how industry experts are planning to reopening safely
  • Discover challenges to the HV/LP model and implications for other clubs
  • Identify how social distancing will play a new role in exercise
  • Evaluate staff needs based on new strategies

Presenter Profiles:

Rick Caro is the president of Management Vision, Inc., a leading consulting firm specializing in the club industry. He currently serves on two boards and four advisory boards serving the health club industry. Previously, he was chairman of the Spectrum Clubs, Inc., a leading club ownership company with plans to consolidate the industry. After only six months, it became the 10th largest company in the U.S. two major club clusters in Texas and California. He is a 47-year veteran of the club industry. He previously was the owner of an eight-club organization of multi-sport clubs in the Northeast U.S., which he successfully sold in 1983. Over the last six years, he has consulted to over 1,700 clubs. Caro was the founder, past president, and director of IHRSA. He is a frequent writer for various trade publications and the author of the book, Financial Management, targeted for the club industry.

Todd Magazine is the CEO of Blink Fitness.

Ben Midgley is the CEO of Crunch Franchise.