CBI November 2023

Leader, innovator, and mentor, Mark Mastrov is a central figure in the creation of the modern health club industry—and he isn't done yet.

“When it comes to developing people, I've always believed in the upside-down pyramid, where I don't sit on top, I sit on the bottom, and I work for everybody on my team.”

Mark Mastrov, Founder

New Evolution Ventures


  • The Art of Leadership: In mentoring others, Mark Mastrov has built a legacy far greater than his own achievements.


  • Taking Our Message to the World: IHRSA President & CEO Liz Clark asserts it's been a wild month, but a successful one.
  • The Visionary: It's not an exaggeration to say that Mark Mastrov helped invent the modern fitness industry. After building 24 Hour Fitness into a global success, he went on to create numerous innovative concepts, teaming up with sports teams, superstar athletes, and entertainment headliners, all while continuing to build the portfolio of his new company, New Evolution Ventures.
  • The Mastrov Effect: Eight successful fitness professionals tell us what they learned under the mentorship of Mark Mastrov.
  • Trends Spotlight: An End-of-Year Roundup: New reports highlight what's catching the interest of consumers in the health and fitness space.
  • How Fitness Assessments Increase Retention and Member Engagement: Today's fitness assessment tools are helping to keep members motivated and committed.
  • IHRSA 2024 Preview: A look ahead to Los Angeles, March 6-8.

News & Know How

  • News: IHRSA is named a top-performing association, according to an important new survey, President & CEO Liz Clark makes her case at the OECD Health Conference; the John W. Brick Mental Health Foundation creates a certification organization for mental health; new study finds that obesity continues to be a major problem in the U.S. Armed Forces; and much more news.
  • International News: A flash report on the recently concluded and wildly successful 2023 IHRSA European Congress in Lisbon.
  • Influencer: Anthony Radek, senior director of connected fitness at Life Fitness, explains what's next in digital fitness products.
  • Research Roundup: New report finds that studios are set for a growth spurt; study finds that exercise helps children improve cognitive skills.


IHRSA Report

  • Leadership: IHRSA Board Chair Chris Craytor on the importance of first principles to success.
  • Best Practices: Bookkeeping 101: Here are some tips on balancing your ledgers.
  • Advocacy: Why the APCO survey is important for IHRSA's global advocacy.
  • IHRSA Team Spotlight: Meet Lauren Carpenter, IHRSA director of accounting.