CBI August 2023

How CEO Bryan Meyers guided the brand to rapid growth.

“For me, as a business leader, our efforts around DEI are efforts to create a stronger business. It's not done in a way that is meant to be charitable—it's actually my fiduciary responsibility as a leader to build the strongest team.”

Bryan Meyers, President & CEO

[solidcore] - Washington, D.C.


  • No Summer Solstice at IHRSA: Get ready for a month of all-hands-on-deck grassroots lobbying. Never missing a chance to move the industry's agenda forward, IHRSA's advocacy team is using the Congressional recess to initiate a grassroots movement in every Congressional district.


  • A Larger, More Diverse Coalition: This month, IHRSA President & CEO Liz Clark, focused on adding talent and allies to our mission.
  • Success Through Diversity: Since becoming CEO of [solidcore] in 2021, Bryan Meyers has helped grow the brand to more than 100 locations, partly by attracting new members from underrepresented communities. In this exclusive interview, Bryan talks about his passion for helping people change their lives through fitness, and his goal of promoting inclusivity in both his company and the wider industry.
  • How Apps Build Community: These communications tools do more than market your brand, they help bring your members together.
  • Is Cardio Still King?: The recent surge in strength training has left some cardio floors nearly empty. Is this gym staple on the decline for good?
  • How the Industry Can Address Military Readiness: Michael McGurk, director of research, U.S. Army Center for Initial Military Training, tells us how fitness businesses can play an essential role in supporting national defense.

News & Know How

  • News: How you can join IHRSA's advocacy team during the Congressional August recess; meet the high school student who made a new digital tool for young athletes; ACSM ranks America's fittest—and least fit—cities; and much more news.
  • The 2023 IHRSA European Congress Preview: After a three-year hiatus, the IHRSA European Congress is back, this time in Lisbon, Portugal. Here's a look at the lineup of speakers and events.
  • International News: New statistics reveal that the UK is suffering from an increase in cardiovascular illness, and ukactive wants to do something about it.
  • Research Roundup: A new report on Generation Z shows that this age group is primed to prioritize physical activity in their lives.


IHRSA Report

  • Leadership: IHRSA Board Chair Chris Craytor explains why a new change to digital healthcare metrics is a win for the industry.
  • Best Practices: How to take advantage of artificial intelligence.
  • Advocacy: Here's what it means when a business is defined as essential, and why it matters to the fitness industry.
  • IHRSA Team Spotlight: Meet another member of the talented IHRSA team: Nicole Johnson, senior director of membership.