CBI July 2022

Gale Landers, founder & CEO of Fitness Formula Clubs and chair of the National Health & Fitness Alliance Advisory Council, discusses the importance of advocacy, how fitness professionals can get involved, optimism for the future of the fitness industry, and more.

“Now it is time for fitness club owners to shift their mindset and become part of our advocacy powerhouse movement and roll it into their business plan, both financially and with modest time commitment.”

Gale Landers, Founder & CEO

Fitness Formula Clubs


  • Destiny is Defined Within: To write a better script for your life, you have to imagine a better world. This is the optimism that's typical in those who pursue the fitness lifestyle. Self-improvement is at the core of what the fitness industry does. It's about taking control of your own destiny—and giving the tools to others to help control their own lives. To control your own destiny, you need to take action. Those in the global fitness industry understand that now more than ever.


  • CEO's Column: We're at the next stage in the process, the foundation has been laid for transformative change for IHRSA and the industry.
  • Building an Advocacy Powerhouse: Gale Landers, founder & CEO of Fitness Formula Clubs and chair of the National Health & Fitness Alliance Advisory Council, is determined to see that the health and fitness industry is never left behind again. Gale pushes all industry professionals to get involved in advocacy as the best way to ensure a seat at the table is advocating often and consistently over time.
  • Swaying the Masses: While social media can send mixed messages about fitness, popular platforms—like Instagram—still have the power to motivate people to try new workouts. Clubs can take advantage of trends popularized by fitness influencers, particularly when it comes to cardio workouts.
  • Space Invaders: Club operators continually have to rethink layout and equipment spacing after more than two years of occupancy limits and member concerns about close contact. Maximize your floor plan with smart equipment choices to give your members plenty of elbow room.

News & Know How

  • News: The IHRSA Convention & Trade Show returns to San Diego; Matrix Fitness makes a commitment to improving mental health; Genesis Health Clubs moves into new territory; a fitness podcast hits one million downloads; and more news.
  • Research Roundup: The Ken Report delves into the often misunderstood Middle East/North Africa (MENA) region, and discovers some surprising facts.
  • REX Roundtables: Fausto Di Giulio explains the concept of open leadership and what makes it so effective.


IHRSA Report

  • IHRSA Membership: Scott Gillespie, owner of Saco Sport & Fitness, looks to IHRSA to keep the industry working together for a better future.
  • Best Practices: Justin Tamsett, managing director of Active Management, offers 18 tips to increasing your sales success.
  • Advocacy: IHRSA Vice President of Public Relations Jeff Perkins gives us the highlights of a meeting in Washington, D.C., with members of the National Health & Fitness Alliance.
  • Travels with Liz: Before making the trip to Miami Beach for IHRSA 2022, Liz Clark met with influential industry stakeholders.