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Have you ever considered how a state sales tax could impact your club and how you could take action to stop it? Are you searching for ways to promote leadership characteristics among your team? Wondering what actions you can take to help increase the physically active population? The IHRSA Advocate can help you find the answers you've been searching for.

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The IHRSA Advocate is your guide to knowing and understanding the policies that influence daily health club operations. We analyze the action, so you know when to take your own. For more timely relevant news about advocacy issues affecting the industry, and your bottom-line, subscribe to​ the bi-weekly (member-only) e-newsletter. The following four articles and resources will give you a taste of the topics that are regularly covered in each issue of The IHRSA Advocate.

Seize Opportunities to Influence the Fitness Industry

Michele Melkerson-Granryd is the latest fitness industry leader to share their business expertise in our Lessons in Fitness Leadership series. She used her voice to influence and shape the future direction of the industry as an ILC and IHRSA board member. Melkerson-Granryd says the value of connecting with our peers in the industry is one of the most fulfilling parts of being a business leader in the fitness industry.

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Use the New Physical Activity Guidelines to Encourage Your Members to Move More

New physical activity guidelines have been released! Clubs can use these new guidelines to help members meet the recommended minimum of 150 minutes of moderate-intensity physical activity per week, and more importantly, can use this information to encourage the more sedentary to get moving.

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What’s the Best Defense Against an Active Shooter?

One word: preparation. Seven health clubs have fallen victim to active shooter incidents in the last nine years, which proves that these incidents can—and do—happen anywhere. Therefore, it’s best to create an emergency action plan that your staff and your members can follow if they come face-to-face with an active shooter.

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8 Ways to Protect Your Health Club’s Trainers and Clients

Personal trainers must have a close relationship with their clients to be successful … but how close is too close? Before these relationship boundaries start to blur, talk to your trainers about the best ways to create and maintain professional working relationships with your club members.

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