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Have you ever considered how a state sales tax could impact your club and how you could take action to stop it? Are you searching for ways to promote leadership characteristics among your team? Wondering what actions you can take to help increase the physically active population? The IHRSA Advocate can help you find the answers you've been searching for.

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The IHRSA Advocate is your guide to knowing and understanding the policies that influence daily health club operations. We analyze the action, so you know when to take your own. For more timely relevant news about advocacy issues affecting the industry, and your bottom-line, subscribe to​ the bi-weekly (member-only) e-newsletter. The following four articles and resources will give you a taste of the topics that are regularly covered in each issue of The IHRSA Advocate.

New Overtime Regulations Could Affect Your Gym’s Bottom Line

“It might be less expensive to raise that employee's salary.” That’s what Helen Durkin, IHRSA’s executive vice president of public policy, says about new Department of Labor laws that may go into effect, and your club's future profits could be at risk.

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Service Animals in Health Clubs: What You Need to Know

It may sound like a bad joke, but it’s far from it. A member brings their pet into your club—despite your no pet policy—and tells you their animal is a service or emotional support animal. What can and can’t you ask?

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How Should You Compensate Group Exercise Instructors?

Think carefully about how you structure the compensation for your group exercise instructors. In the U.S. there are two main ways of compensation: paying hourly and paying as piece-rate employees. Which way is best for your club?

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Designing Your Gym: Follow the Guidelines or Risk Exposure

Knowing what guidelines to follow when you design or redesign your club can be confusing, but not complying with the ASTM standards can open your club up to major risk. We asked an attorney to break down what your club can learn from the recent Jimenez v. 24 Hour Fitness court case.

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