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Have you ever considered how a state sales tax could impact your club and how you could take action to stop it? Are you searching for ways to promote leadership characteristics among your team? Wondering what actions you can take to help increase the physically active population? The IHRSA Advocate can help you find the answers you've been searching for.

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The IHRSA Advocate is your guide to knowing and understanding the policies that influence daily health club operations. We analyze the action, so you know when to take your own. For more timely relevant news about advocacy issues affecting the industry, and your bottom-line, subscribe to​ the bi-weekly (member-only) e-newsletter. The following four articles and resources will give you a taste of the topics that are regularly covered in each issue of The IHRSA Advocate.

Medical Experts Speak Out to Show Gyms Are Safe & Essential

IHRSA has been speaking with medical and health policy experts to hear their professional opinion on whether health clubs—with proper safety and cleaning guidelines in place—can be part of the solution to the pandemic as well as for overall health in the future. Every expert agrees exercise is more important now than ever.

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How to Run a Fitness Industry Alliance in Your State [Toolkit]

To directly lobby individual governors and local lawmakers, many IHRSA members are forming regional alliances of club operators within their state. This toolkit takes various assets and ties them into one comprehensive resource to help you create, manage, and run a state or regional alliance.

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A Small Victory: Gyms Included in Phase 1 of Reopening Plan

President Trump and the White House coronavirus task force discussed the three-part coronavirus reopening plan, which included the recognition that health clubs are vital to Americans and necessary to include in Phase 1. IHRSA sent a letter to the president thanking him for understanding the importance of opening fitness facilities.

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COVID-19 Relief & Information for the U.S. Fitness Industry

The coronavirus pandemic has left many businesses to fend for themselves and put them at risk of closing their doors for good. We’ve compiled a list of U.S.-specific COVID-19 relief and closure information that will be updated regularly to assist health and fitness clubs through the outbreak.

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