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Have you ever considered how a state sales tax could impact your club and how you could take action to stop it? Are you searching for ways to promote leadership characteristics among your team? Wondering what actions you can take to help increase the physically active population? The IHRSA Advocate can help you find the answers you've been searching for.

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The IHRSA Advocate is your guide to knowing and understanding the policies that influence daily health club operations. We analyze the action, so you know when to take your own. For more timely relevant news about advocacy issues affecting the industry, and your bottom-line, subscribe to​ the bi-weekly (member-only) e-newsletter. The following four articles will give you a taste of the legal and legislative topics that are regularly covered in each issue of The IHRSA Advocate.

Why Your Gym Should Have a Harassment Policy

Harassment is a sensitive and complex issue for any business to handle, so it is best to know how to address complaints when they arise. The best way to protect your business is with a harassment policy.

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How to Keep Kids Safe at Your Club

It’s important that you and your staff are aware of the risks associated with offering kids fitness programs and child care within your club. Use the lessons learned in these three scenarios to keep kids in your club healthy and safe.

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Is Your Gym Prepared for the 2018 Legislative Session?

With the start of a new year, comes the start of a new legislative session. Based on our findings from last year, we’ve put together a list of seven issues we expect to surface—or resurface—in 2018. Knowing how to address these possible legislative issues can protect your business from unnecessary harm.

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Learn to Lead by 'Staying in Rock-Solid Contact with Positive People'

Midtown Athletic Clubs COO Jon Brady shares his business expertise from working in the fitness industry. Find out what he says is  the most fulfilling part of being a leader in this industry, and find out what piece of leadership advice he would have given his younger-self.

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