Industry Leadership & Advocacy

For the present and future success of the fitness industry

We are on the front lines working with members, partners, and federations to secure the present and future success of the health and fitness industry. Together, we advocate for the industry and access to physical activity to increase global health, happiness, and prosperity.

Maximize the Good

As we’ve seen over the past 30 years, and more intensely these past few years, governments and policy-makers can and do have an enormous effect on our industry and the health of the citizenry—sometimes for good, more often for bad. We seek to maximize the good while minimizing the bad.

  • State


    Working in all 50 states to protect health clubs from harmful policies, while promoting clubs as essential resources and partners in health. See what’s happening in your state.

  • Federal


    Working to gain a seat at the table, while supporting policies that encourage physical activity and industry success.

  • International


    Uniting the global industry for best practices, while promoting the importance of the industry's world-spanning efforts to improve health through physical activity.

The COVID-19 Crisis

Leading efforts to open, working with WHO and CDC to provide guidance, tracking mandates and reopening requirements, and bringing the industry together to collaborate globally.

Coronavirus Resources for Health Clubs

Working Together

The National Health & Fitness Alliance (NHFA), IHRSA's U.S.-based advocacy arm, brings together thought leaders and changemakers from a variety of fields, facility types, and disciplines to do important work that makes a difference. United in advocacy and public affairs efforts, NHFA seeks financial relief and stimulus to alleviate the impact of COVID-19 mandates; protects the industry from harmful and misguided state laws; and demonstrates the industry’s vital role in preventing chronic disease, improving mental health, addressing the obesity crisis, and fighting the epidemic of physical inactivity.

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