Wearable Integration 102

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When creating a strategy for wearable fitness devices, flexibility is important.

Tastes change, and today’s ubiquitous accessory may be tomorrow’s discard (remember the Blackberry?). While those who study the market for fitness wearables are expecting an increase in unit sales in the future, the type of wearable that your club members favor may not be a wrist band or smart watch but a device embedded in clothing.

Health club owners need to stay nimble to be able to find ways to integrate club services with these valuable feedback tools in whatever form they take. This e-book—a follow-up to “Wearable Integration 101”—will look at ways some club owners and personal trainers have utilized wearable fitness technology to their advantage, and the lessons learned in the process.

The e-book includes:

  • Introduction: Integrating Wearable Technology with Club Services
  • Part One: Implementing a Wearables Strategy
  • Part Two: Insights from a Club Owner
  • Conclusion: Technology Changes—Human Nature Doesn’t

“You need to know what the market can bear within the specific population of your club, figure out what wearable is right for your ecosystem, then you can devise your technology strategy.”

Mike Rucker, Ph.D., Vice President of Technology

Active Wellness