Wearable Integration 101

How wearable fitness trackers can boost health club member engagement and your bottom line.

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“This is just the beginning of a revolution and what we are using now is small (compared to the future).”

Bryan O’Rourke

Gold’s Gym and Integerus, LLC

Thanks to the technology revolution, mobile devices known as “wearables” are able to measure a wide array of biological details, while providing a tally of our daily activities. While heart-rate monitors and pedometers have been on the market for years, these new fitness trackers and wearables (known as Wearables 2.0) measure personal health markers with technology that was once available only to high-end laboratories and hospitals.

While the growth of wearable fitness tech seems certain, strategies on implementing these devices to augment the health club experience are far less clear. Consumers, particularly millennials, are selective about their brand choices (e.g., cost and design), and some older consumers still need to be convinced of the effectiveness of wearables on their health and fitness.

Club owners are in an ideal position to help guide consumers of all ages and fitness levels to demystify wearable tech, and help members realize the potential of these devices to improve their lives. But these devices also introduce a level of complexity when it comes to costs, compliance, and enhancing the member experience.

The e-book includes:

  • Part One: Understanding the Wearables 2.0 Market
  • Part Two: Adopting Wearables Inside the Club
  • Part Three: The Cost-Benefit Analysis of Fitness Tech
  • Conclusion: The Devices May Change, but the Market Will Grow