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The 2023 IHRSA Global Report

The Global Report, an annual best-seller, offers an all-encompassing analysis of the global health and fitness industry. This product is a PDF download.

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Our findings highlight the health and fitness industry’s demonstrated strong resilience when faced with social and economic circumstances beyond its control. And, as many predicted, members continue to return to health clubs, gyms, and studios worldwide in large numbers. foot traffic results noted that some facilities have experienced a 25% increase in traffic since last year alone. Thanks to innovation, entrepreneurship, and the ability to constantly evolve, our industry continues to meet the ever-changing and expanding consumer needs.

The 2023 IHRSA Global Report documents the trajectory, perspectives, trends, and data for the health and fitness industry across various countries and regions, plus a deeper look into current and ongoing advocacy efforts in several countries.

“Beyond the numbers, major trends—both challenges and opportunities—continue to have a tremendous effect on the market and its outlook, club management, and consumer behavior throughout the world. Still, the overall trend is moving in the right direction in most regions of the world. The recovery is becoming more uniform in its scope.”

Jim Schmaltz

Editor-in-Chief, CBI

The 2023 Global Report includes the following sections:

  • Industry Overview provides the latest, most significant global health and fitness industry news impacting the industry in 2022 and 2023. Industry experts and leading operators share insights and a deep understanding of the current landscape.

  • Industry Research delves into the data collected through IHRSA’s leadership survey to showcase the industry’s size, scope, and overall health across different regions. This section addresses pain points and valuable company outlooks.

  • Industry Insights offers more in-depth regional insights from leaders at industry federations, consulting companies, research firms, and point-of-service providers, presenting a clearer picture of trends and future opportunities.

  • Company Profiles keeps you informed of key players and the leading health club and studio companies. Review company data, including the number of facilities and members, annual revenue, markets served, and CEO information.

  • Partner Profiles unveils a variety of health and fitness industry suppliers who offer innovative products and services to help club operators better serve their members and communities. Discover new opportunities to enhance offerings and provide exceptional experiences.