Economic Health & Societal Well-being: Quantifying the Impact of the Global Health & Fitness Sector

IHRSA and the Global Health & Fitness Alliance commissioned Deloitte to produce a report that analyzes the global health and fitness industry’s impact. The products are available as PDF downloads.

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Commissioned by IHRSA and the Global Health & Fitness Alliance, the Economic Health & Societal Well-being: Quantifying the Impact of the Global Health & Fitness Sector Global Report is a landmark resource for the health and fitness industry. Produced by Deloitte, the report includes critical economic and socioeconomic industry data from 46 countries—totaling 90% of global GDP.

The global health and fitness industry directly adds upwards of $100 billion to the economy, supports 10s of millions of jobs, and significantly improves overall health and wellness. This first-of-its-kind report gives health club owners and operators necessary information to educate policymakers on the critical role the industry plays in the healthcare continuum and provides health clubs with relevant data to show how the industry improves health and wellness worldwide.

Findings from the report include:

  • Direct and indirect GDP value,

  • Employment contributions,

  • Population benefits of physical activity,

  • Healthcare cost of inactivity,

  • Potential healthcare savings,

  • Industry and policy examples to promote physically active lifestyles, and more.

It’s up to the global health and fitness industry to notify stakeholders, such as governments and organizations similar to the World Health Organization, of the gravity of the findings. These stakeholders will, in turn, have the ability and obligation to incentivize the population to be more active and actualize the economic benefits.

Individual country reports are $495 each for non-members and free for select IHRSA members. The full report is available for $1,995 for non-members and is free to select IHRSA members.

“Every single country in the report has a quantifiable number that shows annual economic savings of those who are physically active, and access to health and fitness facilities undoubtedly has a profound impact on activity levels. Adding a dollar value to inactivity is a significant achievement in the GHFA’s quest for the industry to be recognized as a valuable contributor and solution provider to the global health continuum.”

Andrea Bell

Chair of the GHFA Advisory Council and Co-founder, Director, and Chief People Officer of Inspire Brands Asia