CBI March 2018

Though he lost his sight at the age of 19, Isaac Lidsky, undeterred, has become a successful attorney, entrepreneur, author, and inspirational speaker. “I lost my sight,” he explains, “but I gained the ‘vision’ to define and create the life I wanted for myself.” He’ll describe how others can do the same in his presentation, “Eyes Wide Open,” generously sponsored by Daxko, during IHRSA 2018.

“When I was diagnosed with my blinding disease, I knew blindness would ruin my life. I was wrong. I lost my sight, but I gained the ‘vision’ to define and create the life I wanted for myself.”

Isaac Lidsky, Author, Entrepreneur and Founder

Hope for Vision


Blind Visionary

CBI Interview with IHRSA 2018 keynote speaker Isaac Lidsky

2018’s Rising Stars

These are some of the new pioneers that, having already influenced the industry, continue to shape its future.

A Culture of Continuous Improvement

By employing Six Sigma, the Cincinnati Sports Club eliminates problems—one, by one, by one.

The International Face of Fitness

Last year, IHRSA and its regional partners staged spectacular educational and networking events on five continents.

IHRSA 2018

Your guide to the goings-on in San Diego

News & Know How

First Person: Augie Nieto

For Augie Nieto, the chief inspiration officer for Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS, “The fight continues and is going strong!”

IHRSA Report

IHRSA 2018—My 25th IHRSA Convention!

IHRSA Chairperson Derek Gallup hopes to see you at this month’s convention and trade show in San Diego in this month's First Set.

Best Practices

Details matter, insists Kevin Caldabaugh; Trina Gray’s favorite Facebook ideas

The Active Kids Summit

The Active Kids Summit at IHRSA 2018 will tackle childhood obesity and inactivity

Value Proposition: ASF Payment Solutions

ASF Payment Solutions’ way: identify a need, devise solutions, and employ technology

The IHRSA Foundation: Getting Everyone Active

The IHRSA Foundation is increasing ACCESS to exercise, notes Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA in this month's Last Rep.