CBI February 2018

“Every human being has tremendous creative capacity,” contends IHRSA ’18 keynote speaker Josh Linkner, whose mission is to help others tap the wellspring of innovation. Linkner has capitalized on originality as an entrepreneur, investor, author, and jazz musician, and will discuss how others can do so in “Harnessing Innovation: Turning Raw Ideas into Positive Results,” sponsored by Matrix Fitness.

“I believe that all of us are creative. Every human being has tremendous creative capacity; the research supports this. I’m passionate about helping people connect to that capacity, and harness it for productive uses.”

Josh Linkner, speaker and author


Creative Syncopation

CBI Interview with IHRSA 2018 keynote speaker Josh Linkner

New England Clubs Come Together to Accomplish More

The NEHRSA conference is reborn

IHRSA Public Policy 2017: 15 Wins and 0 Losses

IHRSA’s public policy team prevails

Extra Expertise! Greater Success!

The specialty-certifications edge

Sounds Good to Us!

Less noise = greater satisfaction

News & Know How

First Person: Chris Stevenson

IHRSA 2018 presenter Chris Stevenson, the owner of Stevenson Fitness, in Oak Park, California, is “Making Sales Easy” for clubs


SportsArt, Proscanner

Clearly a Class Act!

New club management software addresses members’ and clubs’ accelerating needs in this month's F.I.T. Extra.

IHRSA Report

February Is National Heart Month

IHRSA Chairperson Derek Gallup entreats you to make a real difference now, during National Heart Month in this month's First Set.

Best Practices

Get social-media savvy, says Justin Tamsett; learn from studios, advises Scott Gillespie.

Difficult Situations Demand Prompt Intervention

Familiarize yourself with employment-law fundamentals to forego possible problems.

Viable and Relevant for 33 Years

El Gancho Fitness, Swim & Racquet has "hooked" enduring success in Santa Fe, New Mexico.

Value Proposition: ProMaxima

Already a leading equipment manufacturer, ProMaxima is aiming for accelerated growth.

Pass PHIT to Protect!

The nation’s future security depends, in part, on PHIT, contends Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA in this month's Last Rep.