CBI January 2018

Leah Busque—the founder of TaskRabbit, a pioneering online, on-demand-service platform, and a general partner in FUEL Capital, a venture capital firm—is clearly adept at “Making Things Happen,” the title of her IHRSA 2018 keynote address. She’ll counsel attendees on the art of turning clever concepts into concrete reality. Her presentation is generously sponsored by Technogym.

“Today, I see new technologies emerging that are going to affect the next 10 years. Artificial intelligence (AI), as a platform, is just one example. It’s going to have a dramatic effect on many industries.”

Leah Busque, founder & executive chairwoman



The Business of Great Ideas

CBI Interview with IHRSA 2018 keynote speaker Leah Busque

Speculating on 2018

IHRSA seers assess the year ahead

Apps for Everyone

Industry pros rave about their faves

Supreme Court Decision

Functional-training serves seniors

News & Know How

First Person: Steven Tharrett

IHRSA 2018 presenter Stephen Tharrett, of ClubIntel, explores a “New Era”.


Fit3D’s Proscanner

Everything at Your Fingertips

New club management software addresses members’ and clubs’ accelerating needs in this month's F.I.T. Extra.

IHRSA Report

Humanness Matters

Let’s not forget the “HUMANNESS” of what we do, advises IHRSA Chairperson Derek Gallup in this month's First Set.

Best Practices

Attorney Hannah Becker on the legal restrictions involved in serving alcohol to members.

Difficult Situations Demand Prompt Intervention

Valuable advice on how to deal successfully with problematic member or staff behavior.

Value Proposition: Fit3D

Fit3D’s Proscanner body scanner takes all of the guesswork out of client assessments.

Celebrating Three Industry Luminaries

Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA, celebrates three of the industry’s many luminaries in this month's Last Rep.