CBI August 2017

In 1997, students Gigliola Aycardi Batista and Nicolás Loaiza drafted an MBA thesis titled “Marketing Research for the Opening of a Fitness Center in Bogotá.” Today, the result of that study is Bodytech, a dynamic and growing brand with 170 facilities serving 286,000 members in Colombia, Peru, and Chile. Credit a trail-blazing business plan, intense business smarts, and steadfast perseverance.

“CBI is a great publication. It is clear, comprehensive and provides a multitude of ideas and resources.”

Brent Darden, Principal

Brent Darden Consulting, Richardson, TX

Highlights of this issue include:

  • Latin American Intel: A portrait of a mesmerizing market
  • Outsourcing Tasks Can Save Time, Money, and Headaches
  • Technology & Fitness is the 17th European Congress’ Theme
  • Non-dues Notes: Six ways to rev up club revenues
  • Mobile App-eal: Apps are a club’s “digital center”
  • First Person: Jeffrey Cooper, of Samsung Research America, discusses IHRSA’s new Innovation & Technology Advisory Council
  • F.I.T. Extra: Novel new group-ex accessories permit clubs to offer creative, customized, and convenient workouts
  • First Set: To succeed, clubs have to address the five things that exclude exercise, says IHRSA Chair Derek Gallup
  • IHRSA Board Members: IHRSA is pleased to introduce new board members Bryan O’Rourke and Alan Leach
  • Best Practices: Justin Tamsett on understanding consumers; Maureen Hagan on inspiring leadership
  • Grow, Promote, Protect: FITNESS SF demonstrates how public involvement enriches clubs and communities
  • Success by Association: “We all need each other,” The Beverly Hills Club observes of IHRSA and its members
  • Value Proposition: When it comes to flooring, sofSURFACES is committed to disrupting the status quo
  • Last Rep: Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA, on IHRSA’s New Innovation & Technology Advisory Council