CBI July 2017

Tim Bainton fell in love with tennis at the age of seven, and, 26 years later, his affection for the sport hasn’t subsided. He’s participated as player, coach, consultant, entrepreneur, and investor, and, now, as the founder and executive director of Blue Chip Sports Management, sows the seeds of his enthusiasm with others. His goal: “to provide opportunities for people to play the game.”

“Club Business International is an essential resource for my management team. It stands head and shoulders above the other magazines in the industry.”

Rick Beusman, President

Saw Mill Sports Management, Mount Kisco, NY

Highlights of this issue include:

  • Midtown Transformation: Introducing a one-of-a-kind club
  • The IHRSA Global 25: Case studies from five countries
  • Grading Locker Rooms: What clubs do right … and wrong
  • Big-Time Small Group: Innovation fuels rapid growth
  • First Person: Gustavo Almeida, the executive director of Fitness Brasil, describes how Latin American clubs are responding to major challenges
  • F.I.T. Extra: The debut of new treadmills, and updated bells and whistles, maintain treadmills’ No. 1 cardio standing
  • First Set: Derek Gallup’s goal, as the new chairperson of IHRSA’s board, is “creating a healthier and more active planet”
  • Best Practices: Debra Siena’s best advice on effective hiring; Frank Furness on social media timing
  • In Brief: The right time to get to know your lawmakers is right now, during the summer recess
  • Value Proposition: Power Plate has positioned itself to ensure that vibration training will go mainstream
  • Last Rep: IHRSA President and CEO Joe Moore offers nine basic principles of good business—for times good or bad