CBI June 2017

One of the world’s highest-paid and most popular athletes, Cristiano Ronaldo, a star forward with Real Madrid, has now taken the field to score for health and fitness. One of Crunch Fitness’ newest regional franchisees, the soccer phenomenon intends to transform his new signature initiative—CR7 Crunch Fitness—into a winning brand in Spain and Portugal. Ronaldo’s personal philosophy: “Live Life Fit.”

“CBI is the best trade magazine out there! It is clear, comprehensive and provides a multitude of ideas and resources.”

Bill McBride, President & CEO

Active Wellness, Sausalito, CA

Highlights of this issue include:

  • A Visceral Event: Reminiscing about IHRSA 2017
  • ‘Actionable’ Education: How The IHRSA Institute pays off
  • Who Earns How Much? Comparing compensation packages
  • Next-Generation CRM: This software is slicker than ever
  • Ex-Interactivity 2.0: The future of exercise has arrived
  • First Person: Joe De Sena, the founder of the Spartan Race, discusses the impact that obstacle course racing is going to have on health clubs
  • F.I.T. Extra: Contemporary selectorized and circuit training equipment is sleeker and more sophisticated than ever
  • First Set: In order to make a difference, the industry has to be prepared for change, suggests IHRSA Chair Rasmus Ingerslev
  • Best Practices: Nicole Mains on boosting spa appeal; Kristen Walsh on employee compensation
  • In Brief: It’s time for the industry to focus on year-round physical activity opportunities for kids
  • Success by Association: Its industry ties have made Gold’s Gym Paramus the brand’s “most beloved franchisee”
  • Value Proposition: A top-to-bottom rebranding campaign has transformed Power Systems’ public persona
  • Last Rep: The IHRSA Institute is a ladder for those on their way up, says Joe Moore, the president and CEO of IHRSA