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Build a Successful Hybrid Digital and In-Person Strategy

Looking to define your club's hybrid strategy, but not sure where to start? Join us to learn how to come up with a clear strategy that works for your business.

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Alden Staci Pro Sports Clubs Webinar 1

Staci Alden

Group Fitness Director

PRO Sports Club

In-person classes... indoor or outdoor? Online classes... real-time or recorded? Should you offer digital classes in your studios? How long should classes be? Should you charge for digital? If so, how much? What about compensating instructors?

So many questions when it comes to your hybrid strategy across the club! Join Staci Alden, Group Fitness Director at PRO Club, to discover how to answer these questions, constantly reassess and get clear on your strategy specific for your business and members.

Learning Objectives:

  • Identify communication best practices (i.e. How to ensure your members, staff, and instructors are on board)
  • Deliver smart surveys with the right questions, get helpful answers, and consistently assess the results and behavior of your participants
  • Evaluate the three components of a great schedule: Time, Type, and Talent
  • Strategize ways to use digital and in-person options so that they work together

“Hybrid and omnichannel are quite the buzzwords when it comes to providing digital and in-person offerings, but do you truly know how to use them to their full potential? Join us to learn how to truly define what hybrid means and how to sharpen your strategy.”

Staci Alden

PRO Sports Club - Seattle, WA

Presenter Profile:

Staci is the Group Fitness Director for a team made of over 100 group fitness, personal trainers, and private pilates instructors at a luxury health club in Seattle. She is a Balanced Body Master Barre and MOTR instructor.

Staci has her own YouTube channel geared to provide best practices and insights to help fitness leaders and managers succeed. She contributes educational content in the form of articles, videos, blogs, social media posts, and conference presentations for companies like the American Council on Exercise, IDEA Health and Fitness Association, SCW Fitness, Women in Fitness Association, and more.