Win the Fight Against the High Turnover Employee at Your Gym

Learn how to train and retain employees to keep them at your club long term.

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Webinar Headshot Cameron Marcum

Cameron Marcum

Founder & CEO

Trek CCM

As employers, we hire, train, manage, and then pull our hair out—sometimes, employees just won’t do what we need them to do. Join CEO and Founder of Trek CCM Cameron Marcum as he shares why employees don’t always follow directions. He’ll explain the shift in culture over the last decade—and specifically the past few months —throughout the impact of COVID-19.

This webinar will discuss how we can keep employees longer, how to retain employees while still accomplishing all we need to do, and how technology plays a role in all of this. Hear about what you need to do to understand pre-conditioning and the human response.

Learning Objectives:

  • Define the culture of our society
  • Create a culture within our businesses
  • Understand pre-conditioned response
  • Learn how to leverage technology to increase employee retention and reduce the headache

“Understanding why our employees won’t do what is asked, quit, or can’t succeed is the first step to the solution to creating success in our business.”

Cameron Marcum, Founder & CEO

Trek CCM - Idaho Falls, ID

Presenter Profile:

Cameron Marcum has founded several technology companies focused on communication and the technology and philosophy to creating this success. With over 20 years in CRM, critical servers, text messaging, and sales, Marcum has been involved in hiring, training, and creating processes within each department of businesses by using technology to make communication effective and employees more successful. His philosophy…using technology to create a better experience for the employee, will automatically transfer to your members.