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Move It Monday: IHRSA Member Toolkit

Move It Monday is more than a hashtag. This toolkit has everything you need to be a part of this weekly international campaign to get people of all fitness levels moving.

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Mondays may have a reputation for being difficult, but did you know Mondays are also when people are most motivated to exercise?

According to the Monday Campaigns, a 2014 national poll found that the vast majority of respondents picked Monday as their preferred day to start an exercise routine. People are also more likely to visit the gym on Mondays—studies of college campus-based gyms and other fitness centers show that more people used the gym facilities at the beginning of the week than at the end of the week. Additionally, Google searches related to exercise are higher on Mondays, which means that people are looking for information about gyms and exercise routines more on Monday than other days of the week.

Why is this important? Because people report that they are likely to exercise more frequently throughout the rest of the week if they jump-start their week on Monday with exercise. In the 2014 national survey, 76% of people either agreed or strongly agreed that Monday exercise would help them exercise throughout the rest of the week.

This toolkit—created exclusively for IHRSA members to implement Move It Monday in their clubs—contains:

  • Research
  • Tips
  • Marketing materials

“Research shows people who exercise on Monday are more likely to exercise later in the week, and IHRSA data shows members who use their gym membership 100 times a year (or roughly twice a week) keep their membership longer than those who visit less frequently.”

Alexandra Black Larcom, Senior Manager of Health Promotion & Health Policy