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Keeping Kids Safe in Your Club

It’s critical that if kids are in your club, you know the best ways to keep them safe. That’s why this briefing paper is so important.

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More and more young people are staying physically active, and many may be interested in working out at your club. Do you know the safest ways to let kids into your business?

With all the excellent fitness programs and services your club is offering kids, it's vital that you and your staff are well prepared to keep those kids safe and to protect your business from the risks associated with exercise and sports programs.

Do you know what your responsibility is when it comes to supervising children in your club? How about if children are allowed to use equipment such as free weights and resistance machines? What about liability waivers in regards to children? Is your staff prepared to report suspected child abuse or neglect? Our public policy professionals answered these questions and more in this briefing paper.

Now, before you download this briefing paper, it’s important to note that this document provides you with information applicable to all club operators who want to keep kids safe in their clubs. However, it should not be considered legal advice.

If you have questions after reading this briefing paper, you can always call IHRSA to see if we have additional information, but sometimes your best next step will be to seek the advice of a qualified attorney. If it does come to that, feel free to share the briefing paper with your attorney. It could cut down on your attorney’s bill since it starts the research for them.

“When a child is injured in your club, a court will consider whether or not the lack or inadequacy of supervision was the cause of injury.”

Helen Durkin, J.D., Executive Vice President of Public Policy