Enhance Your Gym’s Family Experience with Improved Child Safety [WEBINAR]

Learn how your gym can reduce liability, improve child safety, and create a great family experience. Presented by KidCheck.

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Jake Gaschler speaker

Jake Gaschler

Director Business Development


Presented by Jake Gaschler, Director Business Development, KidCheck

Some of the most successful gyms today are multigenerational, offering classes and programs that appeal to everyone from children to their grandparents. This approach not only fosters a strong sense of community in the club—it creates young brand advocates, who may bring their own children to the club one day.

But before that can happen, you have to ensure your young members are safe. In this webinar, attendees will learn how to reduce liability, improve child safety, and create a great family experience to increase retention.

You’ll discover the ways to create a positive childcare experience and keep members coming back with actionable, easy-to-implement child safety strategies and best practices. KidCheck’s Jake Gaschler will also explain how to mitigate risk and liability, as well as improve efficiency, which help increase retention and drive membership.

The webinar will cover these topics:

  • Benefits of childcare
  • Facility safety
  • Medical emergencies
  • Emergency planning
  • Workers and child safety
  • Predator proofing
  • Check-in solutions

Learning Objectives:

  • Understand the role and importance of child security
  • Consider the benefits and challenges of childcare services
  • Obtain best practices on child safety across multiple areas
  • Understand the benefits of electronic children’s check-in
  • Learn how improving child safety can help increase member retention

“When parents have a positive experience and are comfortable that their children are in good hands, they’re more likely to keep coming back.”

Jake Gaschler, Director Business Development

KidCheck - Boise, ID

Presenter Profile:

Jake Gaschler is the business development director at KidCheck, providers of secure children’s check-in. He is a fitness enthusiast, participates in multiple sports programs, and is passionate about youth fitness and nutrition. Gaschler has a public health degree from Portland State University and volunteers as a youth basketball coach.