Built for Success: How to Maximize Your Health Club's Design

Learn how to navigate through the many elements of health club design.

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Think about the importance of design in the health club industry. Exercise is an essential human need, but at its most basic, exercise can be done anywhere. For a health club to motivate people to leave their homes to work out, it must be a special destination.

There’s no single blueprint for designing the ideal health club. Most club owners feel that they don’t have a lot of options. They often move into existing structures and have limited funds for major renovations. But as we’ll show in this e-book, you can make big changes with minimal investment.

The e-book includes:

  • Introduction: Good Design Is Good Business
  • Part 1: The Basics: Parking, Locker Rooms, and Other Necessities
  • A Formula to Calculate Club Capacity
  • Part 2: The Aesthetics: Designing Your Club for Success
  • Conclusion: It’s Not Just a Building, It’s a Community

“You don’t have to start with all the bells and whistles from day one. You can build it out gradually. Start out with what you consider the very minimum that makes you feel good about what you provide.”

Ashley Selman, Owner

Evolution Trainers - Mountain View, CA