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2020 Vision: Strategize for the Year Ahead at Your Gym [WEBINAR]

Review your club’s 2019 performance and go into 2020 with a fresh strategic vision. Sponsored by Club Automation + CSI Spectrum.

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Miller mark

Mark Miller


Merritt Clubs

Miller maria

Maria Miller

Regional Program Leader

Merritt Clubs

Presented by Mark Miller, COO, Merritt Clubs and Maria Miller, Regional Program Leader, Merritt Clubs

With 2019 coming to a close, it’s a good time to take stock of your club’s performance over the past year, in addition to considering new ideas and trends. Doing so will help you cement your 2020 strategy and kick off the new year in a competitive and confident way.

Join Merritt Clubs’ Mark and Maria Miller in this webinar to review the past year in the world of fitness and look ahead into 2020. Learn the basics of how to evaluate your successes and create tangible goals for your team and members across four trending areas:

  1. Generational challenges and opportunities
  2. Technology inside the club
  3. Member experience and lifestyle
  4. The role of socialization in the club

Attendees will learn from a case study on how these four initiatives performed in Merritt Clubs over the past year. Ultimately, you’ll come away with a plan to grow these areas in your club to kick off 2020 with a fresh vision.

This webinar is meant to be interactive! Be prepared to provide your 2020 goals from your club during the session via the Q&A chat box.

Learning Objectives:

  • Review the top fitness industry trends of 2019
  • Understand your club's opportunities for 2020
  • Gain insights on what’s ahead for clubs in the next year
  • Discover ways to kick off your 2020 vision
  • Interact live with the presenters about your 2020 goals

“Club owners and managers always need to be prepared, but the launch of the new calendar year is a particularly trying time for the industry. Join us as we dive into trends directly from the club floor and discuss strategies for success could mean for your club in 2020!”

Mark Miller, COO

Merritt Clubs - Baltimore, MD

Presenter Profiles:

Mark Miller is currently the COO at Merritt Athletic Clubs and has 20 plus years of experience at the senior management level. Miller joined the Merritt team in 2000. In his capacity as COO, he is responsible for all the day-to-day operations, new club builds, and culture development within all of the clubs, company management, and consulting services.

Maria Miller is the regional programs and kids director for all of Merritt Clubs. She brings over 14 years of industry experience as a certified personal trainer, program manager, and club manager. Her passion is in developing programs and services for not only the average every day member, but also children and seniors. Making sure a member gets the most out of their membership is Miller's top driver.