Fitness Industry Roundup: The Future of Overall Well-being

Would you work out in self-driving fitness pods? Or how about enrolling in a mental health gym to exercise your body and mind? These may be the future of well-being.

I’ll keep the introduction short and sweet for this week’s roundup. Throughout the pandemic, actions and thoughts have, understandably, been reactive to the things happening around us. Here’s a glimpse into what the future could look like for the fitness industry and overall well-being, so we can ponder innovative ideas and solutions.

Before we get there, if you’re searching for gym equipment, support this partnership that aims to highlight the importance of strength training and physical activity in treating and preventing breast cancer.

Eleiko Raises the Bar With Funds for Women Impacted by Breast Cancer

Although October is over, Eleiko, an IHRSA Partner, is still showing support for Barbells for Boobs, a non-profit that aims to help improve the lives of women impacted by breast cancer, and taking action. For a limited time, purchase an Eleiko x Barbells for Boobs set to support the importance strength training and physical activity has in the treatment and prevention of breast cancer. Eleiko notes that the color scheme of the barbell sets has a deeper meaning, “As a contrast to the pink, traditionally associated with breast cancer, black represents the darker side of the disease to build awareness about the difficulties and challenges associated with cancer and to honour those we have lost.” For every sale, 25% of the profits will go directly to Barbells for Boobs.

Check out the limited edition Eleiko x Barbells for Boobs sets.

‘Basketball Whisperer’ Joins FlexItPRO as First Athletic Performance Specialist

According to a GlobeNewswire press release, FlexIt, an IHRSA Partner, recently signed Drew Hanlen, one of the most sought-after personal trainers in the NBA, as the first athletic performance coach on FlexItPRO. FlexIt CEO and Founder Austin Cohen said, “We're very excited to be providing [Drew’s] time and experience like never before and to not only connect users to their physical fitness needs, but also enable them to perfect their technique, mentality, and game with a true PRO." FlexItPRO provides athletes:

  • virtual personal training to sharpen their skills,

  • an in-depth analysis of their game,

  • form correction features, and more.

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Learn more.

Mental Health Gyms Bring a Total Well-being Experience to Consumers

Liberate and Coa, both founded in 2020, are mental health gyms that offer fitness classes and therapy sessions specifically designed to strengthen the mind and overall well-being and build a supportive community. “It’s about having compassion for all of the many reasons why we feel the way we do and act the way we do,” said Emily Anhalt, a clinical psychologist and co-founder of Coa, “and giving people space to explore it and move to a more authentic and satisfied version of themselves.” Diana Kelter, a senior trends analyst for cultural, lifestyle, and technology trends at Mintel, a global market intelligence agency, told The Washington Post that these services and gyms will become more popular. “These gyms give people a place to express their anxieties and address these issues in real-life situations,” she said.

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(L) Coa Co-founders Emily Anhalt and Alexa Meyer. Source: Kendall B. Schiff (R) Liberate Founder Olivia Bowser. Source: Lila Seeley Photography / Liberate Studio

Find out more.

Are Self-driving Fitness Pods the Future of Exercise?

As part of The Urban Collëctif partnership, Citroën, a French car manufacturer, and Pullman Hotels & Resorts partnered and created The Pullman Power Fitness Pod. The pod is a miniature gym concept mounted on The Citroën Skate, a self-driving electric vehicle. Sébastien Bazin, Accor chair and CEO, said, “With nearly 5,200 hotels worldwide, our group is active in the local ecosystem and committed to offering even more exclusive experiences, both to travellers and local communities, while contributing to the development of sustainable cities.” Fit Tech reports The Pullman Power Fitness Pod is one of three pod concepts designed for the Citroën Skate to optimize mobility. Designed for one user at a time, the pod includes a rower and static bike with a digital coach, route information, and more.

Read more in the press release.

Has your health or fitness-related business been featured in the news recently? We want to know! Send a link to any news article or video that highlighted your business to, and we may include it in a future issue of the Fitness Industry Roundup.

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