DENVER, CO—October 12, 2021—ASF Payment Solutions and Club OS, collectively a club management and marketing lead tracking and CRM solution for fitness clubs and gyms, today announced both solutions were selected to support World Gym International, the iconic global fitness brand. World Gym named ASF as the designated supplier for club management and billing software and Club OS as the designated supplier of customer relationship management software for their North American operations. Both ASF and Club OS are part of EverCommerce, Inc. (Nasdaq: EVCM) EverWell solutions group.

"We needed a more streamlined and integrated solution to better unify our operations in North America," said Jarrod Saracco, COO, World Gym International. "We've had a partnership with Club OS for a while now but felt as though we needed to better position ourselves to get the most out of the system and help our network. After an extensive search, we determined that ASF was the best fit for our needs at this time, and now, using ASF and Club OS together will provide World Gym franchisees a seamless integration and top-level solution to help them drive more revenue and better serve their members."

Through this relationship, ASF and Club OS have agreed to provide World Gym franchisees in North America with an integrated, complete solution for member management, billing, point of sale, marketing automation, and customer relationship management (CRM). In addition, club owners benefit from enhanced onboarding, customer service, and hands-on assistance to maximize effectiveness of the solutions.

This technology enables World Gym franchisees to gather more information from club management and pull that data into a CRM solution to drive more revenue and gain better insight through an analytics dashboard.

"World Gym is such a respected organization with a strong legacy in the fitness industry. We are proud to work with them and support their growth as they transform their operations to best serve their customers," said Chris Hogan, president, Fitness North America, EverCommerce.

ASF and Club OS are both part of EverCommerce's EverWell solution suite that offers tailored, integrated solutions for fitness, wellness, and salon & spa professionals. EverWell solutions streamline day-to-day business operations, improve marketing effectiveness, and modernize engagement with customers and serve more than 46,000 fitness and wellness businesses and counting.

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