After Strong 2017, Health and Fitness Industry Builds on Momentum

    2017 was a record year for the fitness industry. Clubs made and surpassed revenue goals, gained many new members, and continued to offer fresh, exciting programs. It will be a tough year to top, but even though we are only a few weeks into the new year, it is clear that 2018 promises to be just as successful.

    2017 was a strong year for the health and fitness industry, and if you follow the news, you know that several health clubs are building on that success in the new year. Already, Anytime Fitness, Planet Fitness, Mindbody, and 24 Hour Fitness have set the bar high for other fitness businesses.

    At the end of last year, Chuck Runyon, co-founder and CEO of Self-Esteem Brands, which is the parent company of Anytime Fitness, spoke to Forbes about the four core values he feels every company needs to succeed. And the fitness industry certainly focuses on each one—“People, Purpose, Profits, and Play”—during their day-to-day business operations and is aspiring toward accomplishing even more this year.

    Earlier this month, Planet Fitness posted impressive numbers with the average location bringing in over $1.8 million in annual revenue. In addition, creating a workout experience where “everyone’s welcome” helped the company target a wider market of people looking to better their health. In fact, 40% of the members Planet Fitness gained during the last two years had never set foot in a gym before.

    Mindbody is also experiencing similar growth and success in the new year. The platform—which sells subscriptions to businesses that provide health and fitness services—has grown from 500 subscribers in 2005 to more than 58,000 subscribers in the last quarter. The company anticipates continued growth since it only accounts for a small portion of the market for business management software in the industry.

    And, 24 Hour Fitness once again demonstrated they are the “Proud Sponsor of Everyday Athletes” as its fitness-centric float made its way down Colorado Boulevard during the Rose Parade, a celebration and festival of flowers, music, and sports that has been held in Pasadena, CA, on New Year’s Day for more than a century. They were the only fitness business to participate.

    These accomplishments emphasize and build upon the excitement that the fitness industry generated in 2017. Here are a few more stories from last year that demonstrate the industry will continue to flourish, break innovation boundaries, and encourage people across the globe to better their lives through exercise.

    And that only covers a brief look at industry advancements from last year. We’re looking forward to seeing what we can accomplish in 2018.

    So what are your goals for 2018? If you have any plans to expand your business, offer new programs, or target a new membership demographic, let us know! We want to help publicize all the ways your club—and clubs across the globe—are encouraging active lifestyles and promoting physical activity in the new year.

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