The IHRSA Passport Program

Worldwide guest privileges for your members who travel.

The IHRSA Passport Program, Powered by TrainAway

The IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway, makes it easier than ever for your members to search for and purchase discounted gym passes at a participating IHRSA club using a mobile app, and for your staff to identify a mobile pass on an IHRSA Passport visitor’s phone.

IHRSA members say our Passport Program is one of their most valued membership benefits, and it’s no wonder why. The IHRSA Passport Program helps your members stay in shape even when they’re hundreds, or even thousands of miles away from your club.

The IHRSA Passport Program, Powered by TrainAway

The IHRSA Passport Program entitles members of participating clubs to enjoy discounted guest access at a network of clubs worldwide when they travel. Participation is free to IHRSA clubs, but enrollment is required.

The IHRSA Passport Program is available exclusively on mobile devices. TrainAway's free, convenient, and user-friendly app gives members of participating IHRSA facilities access to a worldwide network of health clubs when they travel.

Frequently Asked Questions

What is the IHRSA Passport Program?

The IHRSA Passport Program provides members of enrolled IHRSA clubs with guest privileges at a network of participating IHRSA clubs worldwide so they can stay in shape when they travel. What’s more, members of participating clubs receive a 25% discount when purchasing a one-day pass at a Passport club.

Because the IHRSA Passport Program is reciprocal, enrolled clubs must commit to welcoming Passport visitors from clubs at least 50 miles/80 kilometers away and to extending them a savings of 25% on a one-day pass.

What are the benefits of enrolling in the IHRSA Passport Program powered by TrainAway?

In addition to the added value to your members that we mentioned above, the IHRSA Passport Program can generate revenue for your business. We’ll provide you with the tools you need to promote the offering to your members and train your staff. And TrainAway has several features that make the process easy. The TrainAway app allows for an easy check-in process when Passport users visit your club, and you can choose to receive funds from these visits via automatic deposit to your business’ bank account or e-Check.

How do I enroll in the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway?

The first step is to complete this enrollment form to tell us more about your club and to provide us with information so we can deposit your earnings from visitors to your club. After enrolling you will receive an email that includes a link to download a Passport toolkit containing resources to assist in communicating the program to your staff and your members, and your club/club group’s unique invitation code, which your traveling members will enter in their profile on the TrainAway app, in order to save 25% when purchasing a one-day pass at IHRSA Passport clubs.

How will my traveling members use the IHRSA Passport Program, powered by TrainAway?

It’s simple! Your members will need to create an account on the TrainAway app and enter the invitation code on their profile to receive a savings of 25% when purchasing a one-day pass at IHRSA Passport clubs. Enrolled clubs receive a Passport toolkit that includes marketing materials you can share with your members.

What if I have more questions?

Read TrainAway's full FAQ list or send us an email!

“We’re always looking for ways to serve our members’ wellness needs. And, with the Passport Program, we can help them find an IHRSA club that will let them stick with their exercise programs while traveling on business or vacation and save on guest fees. It shows our members that they’re special to us—and to all of the clubs participating in the IHRSA Passport Program.”

Keith Rawlings, Owner and President

Arena Club, Bel Air, MD