Health & Fitness Association Member Networking Programs

Health & Fitness Association offers exclusive opportunities for networking!

The Health & Fitness Association and REX Roundtables share a common goal to enhance health and fitness industry owners and operators' business, leadership, and management skills to strengthen the overall industry. Now, HFA members receive a discounted rate to join REX Roundtables!

Health & Fitness Association & REX Roundtables Partnership

REX creates a community with like-minded professionals who help each other create happy, healthy, and growth-oriented businesses, lives, and relationships. They share and explore the financial, operational, and social strategies for success while cultivating strong leadership and peer-to-peer networks for support and friendships. The Health & Fitness Association partnered with REX to form new roundtables to address new markets, skills, and strategies our members will benefit from.

It can be lonely as a health club owner, CEO, or general manager. As one of the most experienced people in your organization, who do you turn to when making critical decisions? If you’re searching for high-level collaboration, your REX peers are here to support you.

As the saying goes, “You don’t know what you don’t know until someone shows you.” REX creates a shared best practice space so members can shine and become the best version of themselves—personally and professionally.

REX Roundtables has more than 300 club owners and executives in 25 roundtables worldwide, each including 15-18 members. These groups help you improve the performance of your business, making it more profitable and competitive, and the quality of your life by building and nurturing your personal and exclusive “Board of Peers.

The exchange of ideas and inspiration between peers will keep your business intuition sharp and accelerate your innovative thinking skills, open strategy mindset, and leadership growth.

The REX team works hard to ensure this is one of the best business decisions you’ll ever make! Apply today to dramatically improve your leadership skills and learn how to take your business to new heights.

HFA members new to REX Roundtables receive a $500 REX New Member Scholarship when applying to join online through the HFA / REX Roundtables Partnership portal. The scholarship is only applicable to Health & Fitness Association members new to REX.

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