New IHRSA Resource Connects Fitness Industry Amid Crisis

    It’s now more important than ever for club operators to connect and discuss solutions to the problems many in our industry are facing. IHRSA has launched a new Forum for the global fitness industry to get through issues together.

    The IHRSA community is vast, comprising nearly 10,000 members from over 70 countries. The wider fitness industry is even broader, with over 200,000 facilities, according to the 2019 IHRSA Global Report.

    And now, just about every one of those 10,000 IHRSA members and 200,000 worldwide facilities have questions and concerns about how to handle the coronavirus crisis.

    With thousands of members and hundreds of thousands of clubs of all shapes and sizes located all over the world, IHRSA staff asked the question, “How do we bring the global fitness industry together to ask questions, collaborate, and share information?”

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    IHRSA members always have questions to ask and expertise to share. The coronavirus crisis has only made the questions more urgent, and the resources and knowledge more valuable. With that in mind, IHRSA launched the Forum to provide not only IHRSA members but the entire fitness industry a centralized location to discuss all things related to running a club, with an immediate emphasis on addressing the coronavirus crisis.

    The IHRSA Forum is a virtual meeting room to connect people with questions to people with answers. We invite Forum participants to ask questions, discuss current events, share information, experiences, and lessons learned. The Forum will allow club operators to discuss solutions to the problems many in our industry are facing. The Forum will have open access to anyone in the industry with an IHRSA Account login in the spirit of sharing and community. Creating an IHRSA Account is free and only takes a few minutes.

    “I hope that IHRSA members find it a useful way to engage with club operators across the globe,” says Tom Durkin, IHRSA’s vice president of technology. “We hope that this new Forum will ignite vibrant discussions on all things related to running a club, both in the coronavirus era and post-crisis.”

    The new IHRSA Forum provides a space for club owners and operators to ask questions, share advice and resources, and learn from others. It’s easy to become part of the conversation in helping health clubs across the globe.

    The Forum is open to everyone in the fitness industry. An individual from the fitness industry will simply need a free IHRSA Account to participate. IHRSA members should use their IHRSA Account credentials. Once you create the IHRSA Account, logging in to the Forum is simple. The invitation is open for individuals, IHRSA members, and non-members to create their complimentary IHRSA account.

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    Meredith Poppler

    Meredith Poppler previously served as IHRSA's Vice President of Communications and Leadership Engagement—a position dedicated to growing, promoting, and protecting the industry through media, policy, and advocacy, and raising awareness and support for important policy issues.