New Device Connects Orangetheory Workouts with Apple Watch

    Orangetheory Fitness has unveiled OTbeat Link—a device for members to use their Apple Watch to track heart rate data during workouts—in addition to a new member program and innovative apps.

    When Orangetheory Fitness learned that its members’ most common request was to use their Apple Watch in class, the company listened. Today, the billion-dollar fitness brand announced OTbeat Link—a new device that enables members to use their Apple Watch to track heart rate data during workouts.

    “Apple Watch is designed to help people live a better day by being more active,” Jay Blahnik, senior director of fitness for health technologies at Apple, said in a release. “With workout tracking, Apple Pay, and a new membership program, we are thrilled Orangetheory Fitness is integrating Apple Watch into a comprehensive experience for their customers.”

    The OTbeat link is a small, custom-designed device worn on an Apple Watch band. Purchase of the standalone device will begin to roll out in the first quarter of 2020 at a cost of $129.

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    The company also announced iOS apps for Orangetheory coaches and sales associates to enhance the member experience both in and out of the studio.

    “Orangetheory will always be a science-backed, technology-tracked workout and now through Apple technology, we are heightening our offerings,” Dave Long, CEO and co-founder of Orangetheory Fitness, told IHRSA. “By arming members with the new Apple Watch connectivity, membership program, and innovative apps for coaches and sales associates, they will be able to further personalize and advance toward their fitness goals. Which in turn, will provide them with more momentum and energy!”

    The OTbeat Link Device for Apple Watch

    Orangetheory members will soon have the ability to sync their Apple Watch directly with the Orangetheory Fitness in-studio heart rate monitoring system via the OTbeat Link.

    Members who use OTbeat Link will be able to:

    • View metrics in real time in class with an Apple Watch
    • See their Orangetheory Fitness workouts afterward in the Activity app
    • Work toward closing Apple Watch Activity Rings with Orangetheory workouts

    As a part of Orangetheory Fitness’s new technology debut, the brand has also created a version of the Orangetheory Fitness app for Apple Watch to accompany the OTbeat Link.

    “We’re addressing the needs of our members by providing an integration between the workout they do and the technology they use, leading to a seamless fitness experience and healthier life.”

    Dave Long, CEO and Co-founder

    Orangetheory Fitness - Boca Raton, FL

    A New Premier+ Membership

    As a companion to the OTbeat Link, Orangetheory Fitness has debuted a new Premier+ membership, which includes a bundled offering of the OTbeat Link, tools, and incentives for staying active with the OTearn program.

    “The OTearn program, developed by Vitality Group and modeled after their proven rewards-based incentive program, is designed to keep members motivated to achieve their goals and earn rewards in the process,” according to the release.

    The Premier+ membership is available beginning December 12 in two New York City locations, Soho and Astor Place, and will expand to all locations in Q1 2020.

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    Apps to Streamline Staff, Coach, & Member Interaction

    Orangetheory Fitness has also developed two new iOS apps—OTassist and OTcoach—to streamline elements of the in-studio experience and provide seamless interactions between staff.

    “The OTassist app allows Orangetheory sales associates to easily navigate class schedules, view member milestones, and check in members for an upcoming class, creating a frictionless, tailored experience that’s also paperless and deskless,” states the press release. “OTcoach will empower Orangetheory coaches in providing members with even more customized attention by allowing the coaches to lead aspects of the class (such as music and timing) more successfully from Apple Watch.

    “Overall, OTcoach will enable coaches to spend 10% more time with members, equating to 7.2 million hours of additional guidance and inspiration across the network of all Orangetheory studios annually.”

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