Headlight 111

    A heartfelt thank you from IHRSA's Interim President & CEO, Brent Darden, to all those who have helped IHRSA and our industry during this difficult time.

    As members of a Headlight Team(s), each of you have been vital to an inclusive, integral, and effective strategy in the story of IHRSA’s revival! Quite simply, the reimagination of the trade association would not have been possible without all of you. The volunteer groups you were part of included in total, one hundred spectacularly talented and unstoppably optimistic industry leaders who, without a doubt, played a fundamental role in shaping a brighter future for all of us.

    It has been a blessing to work with all of you and I am indebted for your support of IHRSA, and by extension, the broad health and fitness community. The outcomes you achieved in a very short period of time were extraordinary at a time when the association and our industry were at a monumental crossroads. So much so, that I repeatedly hear praise about all that we have collectively accomplished over the recent months.

    Each of you have selflessly and graciously donated your time without an expectation of renumeration or recognition. It is an unfailing norm that in any movement to affect change, there arises a nucleus of passionate and driven individuals who step forward to lend a hand and lead the way. Who shoulder the lions’ share of a responsibility, that is really not theirs to bear, out of their own sense of duty to serve the greater good.

    Individually and as members of headlight teams, you are indeed representative of the best our beloved industry has to offer. There are no words that can express how sincerely grateful I am for the privilege of working with you.

    Live Well ~ Be the Salt & the Light,


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    Headlight Teams:

    John Aglialoro, Gym Source
    Ray Algar, Oxygen
    Frank Ancharski, American Family Fitness
    James Annesi, Ph.D., University of Alabama Birmingham and Kennesaw State University
    Adrian Antigua, Gainesville Health & Fitness
    Daron Allen, VFPnext
    Annie Appel, The Bay Clubs
    Jason Beck, M.D., Arkansas Specialty Radiology
    Richard Beddie, Exercise New Zealand
    Kari Bedgood, Active Wellness
    Mike Benton, Genavix
    Rickard Blomberg, Eleiko Sport Inc
    Sue Boreskie, Reh-Fit Centre
    Maria Borodina, M.D., Ph.D., Russian Federal Medical-biological Agency
    Vicki Brick, Brick Bodies Fitness & Wellness Centers, Welld Health
    Cedric Bryant, Ph.D., FACSM, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
    Dan Burns, Columbia Association
    Steve Cappezzone, Healthtrax
    Luke Carlson, Discover Strength
    Rick Caro, Management Vision Inc.
    Chris Clawson, Life Fitness
    Larry Conner, REGYMEN Fitness
    Tyler Cooper, M.D., MPH, Cooper Aerobics
    Surya Cox, Eleiko
    Chris Craytor, ACAC
    Art Curtis, Curtis Club Advisors
    Bill Davis , ABC Fitness Solutions
    Lori Deemer, M.D., Hancock Wellness Centers
    Greg Dowd, ROR Partners
    Mike Downing, Pulse Middle East
    Sandra Dunne, Gym Plus
    Ed Eickhoff, PFMG Development, Planet Fitness
    Allison Flatley, Allison Flatley Consulting
    David Freeman, Life Time
    Brent Gallagher, Avenu Fitness
    Scott Gillespie, Saco Sport & Fitness
    Henrik Gockel, Prime Time Fitness
    Ori Gorfine, US Fitness Group
    McCall Gosselin, Planet Fitness H.Q.
    Kelly Groehler, SE Brands
    Priscilla Hagstrom, Cooper Aerobics Enterprises
    Mark Harrington Sr., Healthworks Fitness Centers for Women
    Anna Henwood, Les Mills International
    Tiffany Hoeye, Matrix Fitness
    Randall Hunt, Athletic Apex
    Paloma Ishii, Gympass
    Mikel Izquierdo, Ph.D., Public University of Navarra, Navarrabiomed, Spanish Olympic Committee
    Rachana Jain, ABC Fitness Solutions
    Doug Johns, Precor Inc.
    Lee Johnson, M.D., Baptist Medical Center, Arkansas State House of Representatives
    Kevin Jost, Jost ADK (Planet Fitness)
    Cristine Kao, ABC Fitness Solutions
    Randy Karr, California Family Fitness
    David Katz, M.D., MPH, FACPM, FACP, FACLM, DietID and True Health Initiative
    Kevin Keith, Orangetheory Fitness
    Carrie Kepple, Style Studios Fitness
    Sara Kooperman, J.D., SCW Fitness Education and WATERinMOTION
    Gale Landers,, Fitness Formula Clubs
    Frank Lawrence, Little Rock Athletic Club
    Alan Leach, West Wood Club
    Erik Lindseth, Life Time Fitness
    Monica Marques, Companhia Athletica
    Graham Melstrand, American Council on Exercise (ACE)
    Bill McBride, Active wellness
    Jake McCabe, Genesis Health Clubs
    Laurie McCartney, NASM, AFAA and ClubConnect
    Scott McIester, Orangetheory Fitness
    Blair McHaney, MXM and Worx Health Clubs
    Kevin McHugh, The Atlantic Club
    Linda Mitchell, Newtown Athletic Club
    Aaron Moore, VIDA Fitness
    Pete Moore, Managing Partner, Integrity Square | HaloTalks
    Brian Morris, Aspria UK
    Justin Musgrove, Leejam Sports Company
    Carol Nalevanko, DMB Sports Club
    Al Noshirvani, World Gym Dale City
    Mike Olander, O2 Fitness Clubs
    Greg Oliver, Fitness & Lifestyle Group
    Bryan O'Rourke, Vedere Ventures, Fitness24Seven Thailand
    Kent Orrgren, World Class Romania
    Ryon Packer, ABC Fitness Solutions
    Mark Panigutti, M.D., Southwest General Medical Center
    Bonnie Patrick-Mattalian, Club & Spa Synergy Group
    Karen Raisch Siegel, LifeWorks of Southwest General
    Ken Reinig, Reinig Insurance
    Matt Remick, Rochester Athletic Club
    Petra Robinson, Zumba Fitness
    Al Rousseau, Precor Inc.
    Jeff Sanders, Athletic Apex
    Robert Sallis, M.D., FAAFP, FACSM, Kaiser Permanente Medical Center
    Michelle Segar, Ph.D., MPH, MS, University of Michigan
    Steve Schwartz - Midtown Athletic Clubs
    Laurie Smith, VillaSport Athletic Club & Spa
    Robert Stedman, The Works Health Club
    Rodney Steven, Genesis Health Club
    Debra Strougo Frohlich, Row House, Row House / Xponential Fitness
    Justin Tamsett, Active Management
    Sean Tan, True Fitness
    Jose Teixeira, Solinca Fitness
    Steve Tharrett, ClubIntel
    Eddie Tock, RexRoundtables
    Dan Toigo - FreeMotion Fitness
    Jeff VanDixhorn, Club Automation
    Barry Walsh, Iconic Health Clubs Lt.
    Alastair Watson, Keiser Corporation
    Brad Wilkins, Cooper Aerobics
    Chad C. Waetzig, Crunch
    Dan Wille, Life Fitness
    Emmett Williams, MyZone
    Mark Williamson, ClubIntel
    Jim Worthington,, Newtown Athletic Club
    Anastasia Yusina, Strata Fitness Holdings
    Adam Zeitsiff, Intelivideo, Inc.