Fitness Industry Roundup: No One Gets Left Behind

The fitness industry lifts up those in need, from fundraising and taking the community under their wing to lending a hand to a business owner, and more.

Although the pandemic continues to scratch a devastating mark across the health and fitness industry, the industry continues to make positive impacts where it can.

This week’s Fitness Industry Roundup covers a critical quest that hits the industry close to home and the heartwarming, selfless acts of those in the health and fitness industry. Plus, a new technology that brings a personal yoga assistant straight to your home.

Augie’s Quest Raises Over $2.7 Million for ALS Research, Plans Virtual 5K for March

In 2020, Augie’s Quest granted upwards of $2.7 million to the ALS Therapy Development Institute. These funds will add 100 participants to the Precision Medicine Program ALS patient cohort and accelerate lead identification and lead optimization of promising drug-like molecules. It also provided a $1 million grant to explore a recent ALS TDI discovery for familial and sporadic ALS.

IHRSA shares a deep-rooted relationship with Augie’s Quest, including hosting the Annual BASH for Augie’s Quest at the Annual International Convention & Trade Show since 2006. Augie Nieto, a co-founder of Augie’s Quest to Cure ALS, is also a successful fitness industry veteran, building the Lifecycle, Life Fitness, and Octane Fitness brands. Join IHRSA in promoting and participating in Augie’s Quest’s Virtual Race to Cure ALS. Starting March 12, participants will have one week to run a 5K—or any distance of their choosing. Registration costs $35, and any donations or fundraising is greatly appreciated.

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Learn more, donate, and sign up for the Virtual Race to Cure ALS.

PA Wellness Spa Owner Extends Room to Fitness Instructor in Need of Exercise Space

Hardships from the pandemic left certified group fitness instructor Tammy Stocker and husband, Chris, with no option but to close Pulse, a spin studio in Thompsonville, PA. Fellow business owner Ashley Cramer-McClintock of Sanctuary Wellness Spa in Peters, PA, noticed Stocker teaching classes in a parking lot and immediately offered up an empty room in her spa, reports the Observer-Reporter. “It’s great for me. It’s great for her. But it’s also good for our clients,” Stocker said. “Now we can offer them more services. They can spin and then sit in the sauna.”

Read the full story.

ClassPass Provides Members With Vaccine Center Finder

ClassPass, IHRSA member and leading fitness and wellness network, announced the launch of a COVID-19 vaccine center finder in its app and website. Jeff Bladt, ClassPass vice president of pricing and inventory, said, “Using the ClassPass platform to connect members with vaccine centers is a natural extension of our technology and a way that we can contribute to curbing the spread of COVID-19.” Although members won’t be able to book appointments, they can search for locations and will have information on scheduling an appointment. Initially, vaccine centers will only be searchable in a limited number of cities.

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Find out more about the ClassPass Vaccine Finder.

Texas Fitness Facilities Open as Warming Centers Amid Historical Storm

Following severe winter weather and power outages across Texas, IHRSA members open their doors to those in the community left in the cold. KTXS reports Crunch Fitness in Abilene, TX, served over 800 people the first night. "We have been overwhelmed by the amount of public support we have been getting from the community. Many businesses have donated food, money, and water to help out people struggling during this difficult time," said Ashley Williamson, Crunch Fitness general manager. According to Addison Magazine, in northeast Texas, the Addison Athletic Club also welcomed the community to take shelter at their facility. The club asks guests to bring bedding, food, and face masks. Pets are allowed, given they remain in their crates.

Read more about Crunch Fitness and the Addison Athletic Club.

Wellnesys Releases AI-powered Smart Yoga Mat

YogiFi Series-1 (Pro) is being marketed as the world’s first smart yoga mat, as Fit Tech noted. Wellnesys, a software start-up for personalized wellness and digital healthcare, produced YogiFi to deliver personalized programs based on the user's history, current limitations, and future goals. The technology in YogiFi tracks yoga postures, provides real-time feedback, correlates vital signs and breathing patterns, and more.

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Find out everything YogiFi has to offer.

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