6 Reasons for Fitness Pros to Attend the IHRSA 2022 Trade Show

Experience cutting-edge equipment, products, and technology from the health, fitness, and wellness industry’s top innovators at the IHRSA 2022 Trade Show in Miami Beach, FL.

The health and fitness industry’s biggest event returns this June. IHRSA’s 41st International Convention & Trade Show (IHRSA 2022) is slated to take place in Miami Beach, FL, from June 22-24. Arguably, the most exciting and highly anticipated piece of the Convention is the two-day Trade Show on June 23 and 24.

Each year, the industry’s top innovators showcase new, cutting-edge equipment, products, technology, and more on the Trade Show floor. The IHRSA Trade Show is a lively and fun atmosphere providing attendees with the chance to observe demonstrations and interact with the latest and greatest products.

We’ve put together a list of six reasons why all health, fitness, and wellness professionals should attend the IHRSA 2022 Trade Show:

  1. IHRSA Brings Fitness Industry Innovation to Miami Beach

  2. A Gigantic Exhibition Space

  3. Test Drive New Products Hands-on

  4. Build Relationships With Major Industry Brands

  5. Exercise Classes & Workouts on the Trade Show Floor

  6. IHRSA Members Receive a Registration Discount

After successfully hosting IHRSA’s 40th Anniversary Convention & Trade Show amidst the pandemic, we truly expect #IHRSA2022 to be the event that shapes the industry’s future. Share knowledge with global industry leaders, discover ground-breaking products, and learn how to build your business to be more resilient than ever at the IHRSA Trade Show.

1. IHRSA Brings Fitness Industry Innovation to Miami Beach

For the first time in IHRSA’s 41-year history, IHRSA 2022 will be held in Miami Beach, FL! It’s a beautiful and eccentric destination that is sure to set the stage for an exciting atmosphere at the Trade Show.

If you’re looking for ideas on where to eat and what to do outside of the Convention & Trade Show, we’ve got you covered.

2. A Gigantic Exhibition Space to Discover Products

There’s no better way to test-drive and compare products than with a firsthand experience. The Miami Beach Convention Center boasts over 360,000-square-feet of exhibition space for attendees to feast their eyes upon a myriad of health, fitness, and wellness offerings. After all, the IHRSA Trade Show is the biggest commercial fitness expo in the U.S., so we need a lot of space to show off our sensational exhibitors’ products.

Pro tip: stay tuned for the release of the Trade Show map to highlight the booths you need to visit during the expo.

3. Test Drive New Products Hands-on

We’re all eager to meet in-person thanks to a big shift to hybrid or fully remote working models. (I’m not complaining by any means, but socializing in person just hits different.) This is a must-attend event for any professional in the health, fitness, and wellness industry to stay on top of what’s trendy and test products in real life.

You’ll get to try out software to boost your business goals, fitness equipment that raises the bar, nutrition supplements to ensure your members are meeting their health needs, technology that will literally blow your mind, and everything in between. Plus, we hear there may be exciting new product launches.

4. Build Relationships With Major Industry Brands

Featuring more than 200 exhibitors over two days, the IHRSA 2022 Trade Show is the place to build relationships, learn innovative strategies, and cut deals. Don’t miss out on the chance to network with major brands, such as Matrix, True Fitness, ABC Fitness Solutions, Club Automation, Technogym, Core Health & Fitness, SportsArt, Les Mills, and so many more.

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If your company is interested in exhibiting at IHRSA 2022, there’s still time! Check out the Exhibitor Prospectus for more information.

5. Exercise Classes & Workouts on the Trade Show Floor

We’re in the fitness industry, so of course, we’ll have fitness classes with top industry instructors! Rise and shine on Thursday and Friday morning to get your heart pumping during group exercise classes beginning at 6:30 a.m., sponsored by Merrithew.

On Friday morning, stop by Trade Show booths between 7-8:30 a.m. for live classes to test out the equipment and products that catch your eye.

6. IHRSA Members Receive a Registration Discount

If you didn’t already know, all IHRSA members receive a discount for registering to attend the Convention & Trade Show—up to 50% off! If you’re not a member and you plan on attending, what’s stopping you from saving money…and gaining access to IHRSA’s valuable resources?

Just throwing this out there in case I wasn’t clear: every member on your team receives a discount on IHRSA 2022 registration when you sign up to be an IHRSA member.

Pro tip: all registration rates increase after April 15! Don’t miss out on cashing in on the lowest prices.

We hope this list is beneficial for anyone on the fence about attending IHRSA 2022. Honestly, I experienced FOMO last year, and am psyched to see this year’s Convention & Trade Show in the flesh! Miami Beach is also a stunning location, so make sure to enjoy your time while you’re there.

For all those joining us in June, we can’t wait to see you, learn from you, build the future industry together, and, most importantly, enjoy your company!

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