California—February 6, 2020—BodyEnergy has recently been in the news for their new product which is a manual treadmill. This treadmill has managed to win the best running tech award. It is special in the sense that it can completely replace the motorized treadmill and it thereby offers much better performance and output.

Automatic treadmills are much more prone to accidents and if one takes a look at the statistics, there were as many as 24,000 treadmill accidents that were sent to the ER every year in the USA alone. By making use of manual treadmills, one can definitely bring this number down. One has to consistently use their arms and legs so as to generate the right kind of speed and power. This way it is likely to be a much more effective workout and can bring in better and efficient results.

Dr. Yan, the inventor and founder of BodyEnergy was quoted as saying, “I wanted to invent a better treadmill which could lead to fewer accidents. At the same time, I wanted to have something which could bring in massive improvements in the results that were generated. With my research, I was able to land upon the right invention and I am sure people will take a liking to it.”

This treadmill has the obvious advantage in the sense that people have the option to regulate the speed and power. This fact in itself helps in curtailing the number of treadmill accidents profusely. Further, as this entails the use of both hands and legs, it will help in bringing the right kind of movement and thereby the energy spent will be more.

BodyEnergy will attend 2020 IHRSA trade show at San Diego (March 19-20, 2020). Those who would like to explore more details about this treadmill and find out the specifications and even place an order, they should make it a point to visit their website.

About BodyEnergy Technology

BodyEnergy is one of the top companies that has been making some of the most revolutionary exercising products. Their new manual treadmill has managed to bag the best tech award for its great innovative design and utility.

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Contact Person: Hui Yan
Contact Number: 949-418-8702
Address: 18271 W McDurmott, Ste F, Irvine, CA 92614