Imagine a tool that helps personal trainers, sports coaches and physiotherapists to boost the motivation of their clients, make them come back for the next sessions and finally brings the desired results. That’s the promise of ROXs Pro, the core product of A-Champs.

Designed to be integrated into every training session, the connected device is a sum of virtual assistant—that helps professionals to plan customized drills and track comparable and historical data using a free app—and light & sound pods—that create interactive experiences.

Through unlimited—and gamified—routines with light, sound and vibration cues, the tool boosts motivation and develops cognitive-motor skills that lead to increased performance and

results in the gym, on the field and in everyday life.

ROXs Pro uses a proprietary training methodology called MSNP that consists of multi-sensory stimulation, gamified elements and randomized variations to achieve ultimate workout fun and unique body & brain stimulation.

Located in Barcelona—one of the leading global sports science hubs, A-Champs, invested heavily into the science behind the product to develop the MSNP training methodology that is the starting point for all the programs available in the app.

“Our goal is to provide fitness, sports and health professionals with an affordable tech-based tool that can take their work to the next level. We are not here to tell the coaches how to do their work, our ROXs is 100% customizable according to the training scenario and individual needs,” says Kilian Saekel, CEO of A-Champs.

The effects of this open tool are proven by athletes and clients of all ages and practice levels.

Comments of happy clients that worked with ROXs often center around “’s so much fun…” and “...I really like that when training with ROXs I am 100% focused on the exercise, not thinking of work or every day struggles.”

Combining versatility, effectiveness and fun, ROXs Pro promises to be the indispensable everyday tool of fitness, sports & health professionals who are constantly struggling to find new ways to keep their clients engaged. For gym operators it offers an interesting opportunity to add to the bottom line by incorporating modern tech and interactive experiences that 2019 customers are looking for.

About A-Champs

A-Champs’ purpose is to get people of all ages to move, so they can live healthy and happy. That’s why we are the SportsTech company that creates playful, easy-to-use and science based training solutions.

Our team is a fusion of nerds, creatives and athletes that have played and worked with some of the biggest global sports leagues, brands and retailers.

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