GARRISON, NY—September 19, 2022—REX Roundtables announces a new REX Roundtable for Women in Leadership roles. The roundtable provides a welcoming and empowering place for women leaders to learn from each other and to develop their growth mindsets, professionally and personally. It is an ideal place for women to work on their business and join the highly successful network of REX Members.

The NEW roundtable is a result of the REX Roundtables becoming an official strategic partner of IHRSA.

“In February 2021, we said new roundtables would be coming from our strengthened partnership, and I’m excited to announce a Women’s Roundtable. Plus, it’s an opportunity for me to add Allison Flatley as a REX Chairperson to our team,” said Eddie Tock, REX CEO.

Allison Flatley has been instrumental in the health and fitness industry for over 30 years as an operator, executive and leader. Allison participated on a REX General Manager Roundtable early in her career and served on the IHRSA Board of Directors. She has been active in IHRSA’s Women’s Leadership Summit and WIFA, Women in Fitness Association. “Allison is involved in so many different groups, making her an ideal choice to lead our NEW roundtable,” said Tock.

“REX Roundtables gives me the emotional support a leader needs to stay strong through difficult times, remain focused on what matters and to continually build amazing teams,” said Karen M. Raisch-Siegel, LifeWorks of Southwest General, Ohio.

“Being part of REX Roundtables has not only given me tools to help grow my business, but it has become a supportive system of managers connected in a way that challenges each of us to grow both personally and professionally,” said April McCullough, general manager, North Little Rock Athletic Club.

There will be an Open Call with a presentation and Q&A with Allison and Eddie on Wednesday, October 5, from 2 to 3 p.m. EDT on Zoom. Learn more about REX and this opportunity to join a newly formed roundtable geared toward woman.

About REX Roundtables

REX is designed specifically for business owners and executives who are passionate about getting better and achieving dramatically better results. A REX Roundtable is a personal, advisory board composed of 15-18 smart and successful individuals who meet regularly to help each other improve the performance of their business and the quality of their personal lives. REX carefully crafts the chemistry of each Roundtable so there are no competitors, strong similarities, yet a broad range of complementary expertise among the members. There are currently 23 REX Roundtables (17 in the US) for Owners, CEOs, COOs, Executives, General Managers, Sales Managers, Marketing Directors, Group Ex Directors & Personal Training Directors. Founded in 1989, REX has over 300 members with 2,700+ clubs in more than 25 countries.

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