DURHAM, NC—October 14, 2021—Plan2Play, a leading technology company serving the needs of the fitness and wellness industries, today announced the launch of its newest product: Bridge. Bridge integrates with Plan2Plays ARC platform, and marries the CRM to SMS & VOIP technology, allowing for a new world of communication with leads and clients. What used to be a very fragmented and lengthy process of connecting to customers and leads is now as simple as opening the Bridge app and communicating instantly. "The release of Bridge is a breakthrough for Plan2Play and the operators that are in the Fitness, Wellness & Club industry," said Louise Fahys, Founder and CEO of Plan2Play. "With all lead, prospect and member information and communication stored in one central location, we have truly streamlined the process of automation and personalized follow-up. We are thrilled with the initial feedback we have received."

One of the early partners to adopt Bridge, Bree Heestand of Fit Lab Studios, commented, "Bridge has been a real game-changer for us. We tried multiple third-party apps and would waste a lot of time trying to accurately bring potential clients into our gym software. Bridge keeps all of our potential clients and leads organized in one easy-to-use app and integrates them into Plan2Play. This is a must for anyone looking to quickly connect with leads and turn them into clients."

Plan2Play simplifies back-office operations for owners with ARC. Designed specifically for owners of gyms, athletic clubs, and studios, the software solution can be used for a multitude of tasks, including managing leads, collecting payments, scheduling classes and organizing events for members. The interface allows fitness facilities to interact directly with members while also providing a space for them to communicate with each other, helping foster a sense of community.

Visit plan2play.com/bridge to schedule a demo of Bridge or ARC and learn more about how it can help those in the fitness space get past the hurdles of everyday business.

About Plan2Play

Durham, North Carolina-based Plan2Play is a leading technology company serving the needs of the fitness and wellness industries. Plan2Play's ARC software is a comprehensive fitness business platform that allows owners to save time, increase revenue, and foster community, all while delivering the best customer experience (CXM) to their members. The company was founded in 2020 by accomplished software engineer Louise Fahys and her partner, highly successful tech entrepreneur Layton Judd, to empower business owners to build community and compete in an increasingly fragmented fitness space. Learn more at plan2play.com.