ADDISON, IL—January 24, 2020—miha bodytec is the global market leader in design and manufacturing of Whole-Body EMS (Electro Muscle Stimulation) equipment for Personal Trainers, Boutique Studios, Spas, and Health Clubs.

Whole-body EMS training is a highly effective and time-efficient training method for increasing muscle strength and toning, while simultaneously reducing body fat. A training session lasts just 20 minutes and is always conducted with a certified trainer, who monitors the training and its success. Once a week is sufficient for reliably achieving individual goals, with its effectiveness proven in numerous scientific studies. Because of the efficiency of the workout, club owners and trainers are able to charge their hourly personal training rate for a 20-minute workout, thus getting more trainings into each hour.

Available in over 40 countries outside of the USA, miha bodytec thinks it is time for the United States to get educated about this revolutionary training. A well-timed and well-planned entry into the U.S. market promises to bring these benefits to club owners in 2020.

Founded in 2007 in Germany by CEO Jürgen Decker, the first offices were in his kitchen. Thirteen years later, the core machine and technology are new to the U.S. as FDA-cleared exercise devices. Education and training are vital because the best thing any trainer can do to learn about EMS and miha bodytec is to try it. The company has open houses every week in its Chicagoland showroom, attends important trade shows such as IHRSA, and does demo trainings all over the country. “We have a major focus on customer service and training, which is why we have a warehouse full of machines and equipment needed for EMS training,” Decker says, adding that miha bodytec plans to begin assembling machines in the U.S. with German-made parts. “We are here 24/7 for whatever our customers need.”

“Over the last 12 years we have established EMS training across Europe, facilitating its growth and expansion to the point where EMS now accounts for almost 12 percent of all German fitness facilities,” Decker points out. “We see a real gap in the U.S. market for EMS, providing individuals with a solution to get fit fast.

Spreading the Word

Because it is a B-to-B company, miha bodytec is focused on driving awareness and trial, with the conviction that the more people it gets to try EMS and miha bodytec, the better.

There has been a groundswell of interest about EMS training and to facilitate this interest, miha bodytec has partnered with the Glucker Kollege, the sole global authority in EMS education, who offers a two-day NASM and AFAA certified EMS training course. With 1.9 CEU’s available after the completing the course, it provides trainers, business owners and new potential partners to EMS training, the science and the technology to take full advantage of it.

About miha bodytec

Founded in Germany in 2007, miha bodytec, Inc. established a USA headquarters in the Chicagoland area with showroom, warehouse, service and assembly operations. miha bodytec Inc. will service North America from the new central location. miha bodytec is the global leader in whole-body ems equipment featuring innovative products like the miha bodytec II device and the iBody Electrode System.